Monday, 15 February 2021

A dose of vitamin D

 A nice surprise when I looked out of the window this morning, no snow. I was up at six, had a coffee, and out the door at seven for a village walk. Back for 8 o clock. That felt good. 

Mayze was up early with me, but after her breakfast she went back to bed. She looks so sweet snuggled under the duvet. 

The sun came out, so after lunch I got my boots on and took off down the road and along the track across the fields. I found a few snow drifts, but mostly is was muddy. 
I had a ten minute sit down on the bench. The sun was lovely. 
On the way back I took a slightly different route which added an extra mile. It was a nice change. The two walks today have totalled nine miles. I have a bit of catching up to do to make up for the lost days when I didn't walk. 

The picture is coming along nicely. I have decided to frame it, with glass to keep it clean. The black fabric picks up the cat hairs and dust so it needs to be protected. I hope to get it finished tomorrow. 

Lets hope we get some more sunny days. It's important to go outside and get the vitamin D that we need. 

Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Yes it's been a beautiful day, very spring like. It certainly makes you feel more motivated and it's good to get out and feel therein on your skin. Looking forward to seeing your picture xx

  2. Congratulation Ilona,Good day,greetings from anna

  3. Its been a lovely day here in Leicester as well.It felt so good to get out in the garden just for a potter around,then walking boots on for a 4 mile walk around my area.Even though still cold,the sun was beaming down.Hope that its as good tomorrow!xx

  4. It was a lovely Spring day here in Dublin i got out for a walk in the local park. It was mild and sunny and my watch said 12c so good to get milder days and a stretch in the evenings x


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