Tuesday, 23 February 2021

A good scoff

You can't beat a belly busting breakfast, it sets you up for the day. Mushrooms, chopped leeks and cucumber, a spoonful of the green pea salad, and chuck in an egg. Served on a slice of wholegrain toast spread with houmous. Marvellous. 
I picked up the little lamp that I have on my mantlepiece last night and shone it on the picture like a spotlight. I think that makes it a bit more mysterious. Like gazing out of the window into a black sky. 
I've just rung my friend to ask how the footpath is along the hills, her husband walks it often. I avoid it in the winter because it's so muddy. The reply was it isn't too bad, only muddy in patches. I will give that a try today. Best get wrapped up though, although the sun is shining, the wind is howling.  
Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. Dear Ilona,

    Thank you for this breakfast tip. We are keen on breakfast as a starting point for the day, but this certainly looks more interesting than porridge. We shall give it a try.

    Lighting makes a big difference with artworks and can spoil or enhance a work at the flick of a switch.

  2. Your art looks great with that light.Its amazing how warm and cozy a well placed standard lamp can make a room look.It stared off a lovely day here yesterday as well,which was great as I was looking after my daughters 2 Labs.She had got workmen coming to her house for a couple of hours,so it was easier with the dogs out of the way.I took them to my Mams garden though because my 5 cats would not have been happy if I had brought them here!xx

  3. I think I shall stick to porridge for breakfast....less cooking to do!

    Hope you enjoyed your walk..... I hope to join a Walking for Life group after I have had my operation. I would walk with my husband but he walks too fast, and this group just do leisurely strolls!


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