Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Housework sucks.

I've been busy today, but still had time to make a video. 
Not had time to do a walk yet, so I had better go now. 
Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. Ilona you are so funny you do make me giggle.i be cleaned people's homes for a living for thirty years I would love to clean your house but sadly as I'm in Dorset I t very far from you would be an interesting character on my books lol.a real shame that window cleaner turned work down.enjoy the rest of your dayx

  2. Well I saved your video for this morning and I have just had my first cuppa of the day with you!.I know what you mean about house work...I Hate it!!.Your so right about starting a job and it gets bigger and bigger.I got rid of carpets years ago and every room in my house is laminate flooring,apart from the stairs.I have seen that they do lino that gives the same effect and and must be a lot cheaper than laminate.Ive seen it done in a house and looks great.Easy just to mop over too.You did make me laugh though when you just dropped your boots to the floor!.Giving your self another job to pick up any bits of mud that was on them,lol.I seem to make work just by walking through a room!I will be so glad though when the animal charity shop is open,because I have a lot of good stuff that is too good to throw out.I would rather they make a few pounds.Hopefully,the house will look a lot clearer then!By the way,I have dust on my cobwebs so I think even the spiders got fed up and moved out! Thanks for the video.xx

  3. Down here they charge £20 to clean my front windows, I admit there are a lot but I'm reluctant to pay this much for a few minutes work. They need doing right now but I think I can live with them for a bit longer.
    Hope you are keeping positive Ilona.

    1. I was willing to pay a good amount for a one off 15 minute job, four at the front four at the back. They have a long hose with a brush on the end. They didn't want it. I am not going to commit to once a month or whatever, when they don't need it.

      Yes I am positive, thanks for asking. I am confident in my own ability to run my life as I see fit. xxx

  4. Hi Ilona, just watched your video. Made me realise that I need to do our windows! We live in a bungalow, so we can do ours pretty easily,and now that the sun is actually shining for a change, I think I'll get them done today. I don't mind housework, as long as I'm in the mood for it I quite enjoy it. 😊 Jackson and Pepper (the cats) have been out the front, sunbathing today. Pepper is only little and he's just started to venture outside, so I'm there every two minutes, making sure he hasn't wandered off - I'm always terrified for the the first week or so when they start to go out! Right, time to make a start on the windows, enjoy the rest of your day 🙂 xx

  5. I won't say thgatvi love housework but I do love a clean house. So that means I better do the work to enjoy the reward. I had our windows cleaned inside and out for the first time ever in my life several months ago. They were so nice and sparkly! Then a few weeks later a horrid storm hit and lots of dirt and debris got blown around. The end result? Dirty Windows! I was heart broken. So sad!

  6. I am delighted that people hate keeps me in employment!!

  7. I don't enjoy doing housework myself. I do it bits at a time. I vacuumed as we had been out of power 9 days. Hadn't done it week prior. I did it and then was looking for a sweatshirt I needed to send to my daughter who forgot to take it with her when she drove back to Colorado in November. While doing that she called me and we talked for half an hour. When I was done watching your video, which came up on youtube, Julie Andrews was speaking and shared Cinderella movie done in 1957 and she was Cinderella. I watched it and I enjoyed it. I watched it while folding 2 basket loads of laundry. Plus just doing a few things as well. Good movie. ...:-}

  8. I can always find something better to do than housework but have found that a daily 10-15 mins keeps things under control especially with our new laminate flooring. For over 40 years my windows had an occasional clean with soapy water and newspaper. Now we've moved to the sea and the windows need more regular cleaning to get rid of the salt on them I bought a cheap window squeegee which comes with a soft head and it's brilliant. A couple of minutes and even the biggest windows are done. Would certainly recommend getting one, I got mine from eBay but you can get them at the supermarket or cheap homeware shop.


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