Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Will I get a cashback?

I received a letter this morning, yes a proper letter with my name and address on the front, remember them? My old mates at HM Revenue & Customs have sent me a very cute little note telling me what they are going to do to me if I don't get my arse into gear and fill out my tax return. It seems the threat of a one hundred pound fine is hanging over my head.

It's a coincidence because I was only talking to my accountant on the phone yesterday, asking if I will have to fill a form out now I am a pensioner. Barrie has been looking after my financial matters for the last few years. I know it sounds a bit daft, having an accountant when I have so little spending money in my pocket, but he has been a good investment, well worth the hundred quid or so I have paid him. He has ensured that I have claimed for all my allowances whilst I had my business, saving me loads of money.

You may not believe this but I really struggle with numbers. I can work out simple calculations like how much money comes into my bank account and how much is going out, but that's about it. I was always bottom of the class in maths at school. Faced with anything more complex than add, subtract, multiply and divide, and I am completely flumoxed. When I signed up for my mortgage it was more like sticking a pin in a list of options. Dont even mention about traipsing round the building societies looking for the best deal, confused or what!

Anyway, I am going to tackle this tax return myself, because there will be so little to put on it, surely I can't make a botch job of it, can I? The first thing is to register online, dunnit. Next wait for a pin number to come through the post. In the meantime I'd better gather a few bits of paper together, because time is running out.

Why can't we just go into a real office and sit at a real desk, and get a real person to help us do this? I usually steer clear of putting any of my financial information onto the internet, I just don't trust it, things get hacked. Anyway, it's got to be done. Wonder if I can get a rebate, that would be lovely.

PS. I did a post yesterday but was not entirely happy about it. I've put it in the closet till I have time for a closer look at it.


  1. I got a tax reminder too... only I already have an emailed receipt because I filed it online a month ago! I say 'I' but like you Ilona I have a little bit of phobia when it comes to numbers... my hubby does mine for me... but it does make me feel useless every time I have to ask him (pester him) to do it. the good thing is that according to the receipt I got I have a BIG rebate coming. :-)

  2. Oooooh, something nice to look forward to. I think I have a touch of dyscalculia, the numerical equivalent of dyslexia. I just don't get it.

  3. I'm also looking forward to a tax rebate; the princely sum of 72 pence.
    I don't think I'll need a financial adviser to help me invest that. ;|

  4. Well I hope I join both of you. I have been doing a casual job where they deducted tax, I might get it back.

  5. Hi Ilona - I know what you mean with numbers, because we're downsizing and moving house, I've had to apply for a new mortgage and it's a nightmare. I had to fill in lots of forms on line - why couldn't I have gone to the bank, sat down the cuppa and biscuit and the mortgage advisor! Like the old days! I hope you get some tax back.

  6. I had a rebate of about £65. It came through very quickly (as they usually do) - an incentive for you to do it!

  7. I don't have to do a return,thank God, and the govt here has hinted they are going lower pesonal income tax rates, agh! but wouldn't you know it they are also hinting they will raise the GST tax as well. I think that comes under giving with hand and taking with the other.

  8. I have to own up to having some inside knowledge of Revenue and Customs. You say what many of the staff say with regard to keeping offices open so that people can talk to a human being. But yesterday it was announced that they are to close a further 130 offices so it doesn't look as if things will get better any time soon...


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