Saturday, 9 January 2010

Unveiling the Rock Pool....

At last my Rock Pool is finished, well I think it is, I keep finding new bits to add to it. It is more or less how I imagined it would be, although all the way through it I kept changing my mind. Finding the exact parts to fit in the right colours was a challenge, I wanted to use wool, plastic, and vinyl and anything else a little bit unusual. I am pleased with the way it has turned out.

First the six stones covered in crochet jackets.

Springs from a video player painted with nail varnish.

Six x 4inch coloured zips cut in half, stitched into circles and made into flowers.
Tops from plastic felt tip pens sliced up and sewn on with beads.

White buttons with spots painted on with nail varnish, and wool fluffed up.

Piece of plastic washing line, the strands separated and knotted, and black beads added.

Seven x 4inch coloured zips cut in half and wrapped tightly into spirals and stitched together.

The rock pool is a piece of circular crochet in shades of blue to represent rippling water. I added a plastic backing to the underside, and inside is a tin lid completeley enclosed with crochet all completed in one piece, no seams. It is 9.5 inches in diameter.

The blades of grass, and flowers, were cut from vinyl and stitched on. The fish is cut from a drinks can. The fluffy tufts of wool are sea creatures growing on the bottom of the pool, and the green tufty wool on the edge is grass.

The five flowers are made from Christmas tree lights, with pink foam cut from the toe separaters in the centre, and blue beads added. The leaves are green vinyl, two pieces sewn together to sandwich the stalk which is wire from the lights.

And here it is with the stones in place.

It is a very nice decoration for a sideboard, or a centre piece for the table. You could make a collection of stones for it, and change it round every so often so it always looks different. I must say the finished article looks far better than the photo's. Now I need another project to get started on.


  1. Wow, where do you get these ideas from, this is really beautiful, I often dream things up but never seem to get to the doing stage.
    How's the snow up there, we have lots down here in the south, unusual for us, can't wait for it to go.

  2. I love it!!!!! What a lovely splash of colour , especially love the rock with the spiral zips Ilona.

  3. That's fantastic, I especially love the way you have used the zips.

  4. And my nice it is too!

    My favourite is the one with the swirly zips.

  5. Love it, so unusual. It looks really colourful too. Love the springy stone though, very clever thinking.

  6. Ilona you are an ARTIST! This is lovely. I too like the zips... and am thinking they would make cool decorations on an old denim jacket or something like that! What an inspiration you are.

  7. Amazing! Love it - particularly the 7 zip corals on the black pebble.

  8. Such amazing talent to turn nothing into something - I love the way you amuse yourself - I ought to photograph the blanket I'm knitting - I use bought wool from a pound shop - my daughter loves homemade blankets.

  9. I just love, love, love this! Liked the video too. I do hope you exhibit one day. Your creativity leaves me green with envy.


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