Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Could be worse.....

As I sit here looking out of my window, what do I see? The tall trees in the garden directly behind mine, are dancing wildly in the wind. The hanging foliage of the weeping willow is wafting about like badly woven hair extensions. The makeshift gate, formerly known as a pallet, has blown over, and the brown wheelie bin now lies on it's side, lid wide open.  Even the cats have more sense than to go out there.  
Oh my word, now it's starting to snow again :o( Things are not looking too good at the moment. Think I'll stay indoors.

Yesterday I purchased my train ticket for my journey to Morecambe next week. It was a nice day and I was full of the joys of spring, looking forward to my adventure. Now look at it. One could easily become despondent when one has organised a holiday, and the weather is threatening to put the mockers on it.

I could easily curl up in a ball, refuse to go out, and give the whole idea up as a bad job. In situations like this I always tell myself things could be worse. The roof could blow off the house, I could be living in the far north of Canada with snow up to the top of the door, or a flash flood could sweep through the ground floor leaving mass destruction in it's path. Of course none of those things are likely to happen. So what have we got here? Yep, it's windy, yep it's raining, yep there are a few flurries of snow, but this is today. Tomorrow could be different, it could all calm down and brighten up. The forecast is frost overnight, and tomorrow will be brighter. That's what they say and that's what I choose to believe. You might have guessed that I'm a glass half full kinda gal.

Things are never as bad as you first imagine them to be. I can think of lots of examples where I thought things couldn't get any worse. Like the time my beloved Ford Focus was rear ended and written off by a taxi driver. My goodness I was flippin annoyed, but hey it could have been worse, I could have been sitting in it at the time of the accident. I could have been injured, but I wasn't.

Like the time I wrapped a lorry trailer round a gatepost because I was going too fast. I thought it was the end of the world, I was so shocked. But it could have been worse. Instead of turning into the entrance of a factory on a quiet country road, I could have been in a busy shopping street, and wiped a cyclist out as I did the turn. Flippin heck, I was lucky there.

And what about the time I fell for the smooth talking guy who promised me he would love me forever as we planned to spend the rest of our lives together. It was all lies lies lies, all he wanted to do was to control me, and still keep his freedom. I went through a lot of heartache for that man, thank goodness I found the strength to get out when I did. But it could have been worse, I could still be the quiet frightened little mouse he turned me into. But I fought back, and I won :0) I had a lucky escape.

So, wet and windy and rainy and snowy today, but what for tomorrow? I bet it will be a lot brighter, well that's what I think anyway. Toodle pip. 


  1. Very philosophical today Ilona.... it's blowin a hooley here, even Dino hasn't asked for a walk though the stoopid cat has gone out in it :0)

    I think we are nearly all far luckier than we think we are......

  2. it is yo-yo weather again!! It'll be ok tomorrow, plenty to do at home

  3. I always try to think - we have rain - there are people in this world dying because of lack of rainfall. Here at the moment - quite bright and dry.

  4. I always try to think - we have rain - there are people in this world dying because of lack of rainfall. Here at the moment - quite bright and dry.

  5. Oh Ilona I feel just the same this morning. We've had to cancel our walking trip to Hebden Bridge, we've woken up to blizzardy snow, me and little one have developed a prickly sickly head cold, older one is fed up because we won't play outside with her :( I've also been particularly bad for dragging up the past this week. Its not good for me. Sorry you've been treated so badly - you're certainly no mouse now Ilona. Here's to a brighter day tomorrow. Debs x

  6. Snow in the Midlands when I left for work this morning!

  7. when lewis was little he had a book called "It could be worse" which was one of our favourite. But that's by the way :-)
    I like your can-do attitude Ilona!
    Fingers crossed my Hub gets home from Derby tomorrow, I gather it's snowing there!

  8. Yes, you don't have to look far to find people worse off, or in worse situations, I always try to remember that when I feel a moan coming on, trouble is, I usually remember when I've finished moaning.
    re the weather, I also remind myself that it's all part of nature, and without the winter, we wouldn't have spring or summer etc. etc.,
    I try to embrace it for what it is and enjoy it, I couldn't always do this, I think it's an age thing.
    I'm sorting out my fabric stash today instead of gardening, got to make some curtains, also may do a little baking later on.

  9. Whenever it rains here we say "It could be least it's not snow" true that unless you are killed by something it could always be worse.
    Jane x

  10. Remember this:
    Rain, rain, go away.
    Come again another day.

    My mother refused to let us say that. She said there is no use wishing for something that we cannot control. She told us we should find something to do until the rain went away. She said the earth needed rain and all the weather and no one could change what happened.

    Hey, those lying men are all over, it appears!

  11. Good thinking.
    I always ask myself "What's the worst that can happen?"

  12. I quite enjoy a wet windy day. I like to stay warm and dry indoors and get all those round tuit jobs done.
    We were spoiled last week with such unseasonable weather. Good luck with the walk Ilona.

  13. i'm afraid i'm not a 'glass half full gal' by natural inclination, but i do find that pulling myself up short before 'the moan' gets going turns things around. the secret is to get in quick thinking of all the things that are good in your life. for me one sure fire 'cheerer-upper is even the thought of my grandaughter..always brings a smile to my face! as for weather..yes it could always be snow, as jane and chris say!

  14. That's a great attitude, Ilona. We are going for a walk this weekend at Dover so fingers crossed for both campaigns!

  15. Just home from Hull, left home in Scarborough 8/30am this morning, it was raining and icy cold, but no snow, yet 5 miles up the road towards Whitby the roads were closed with drifting snow, Still no snow here in Scarborough at 6/45pm but a heavy freezing frosty night is forcast for us. I will have an early night under the duvet I am reading a good book by the Lady's Maid for Lady Astor, Lady A was the first lady to go into Parliament, the book has been a great insight of how servants lived and worked in the 1930's
    Hope you can do the trip Ilona is always good to read your travel notes and see the piccys.

  16. well done on getting out of that bad relationship. You are a strong woman Ilona.

  17. We've just had a bit of rain but extremely windy and bitterly cold. Just put a little fold up umbrella in your pack just in case it buckets down and its not windy (like Nicholas Crane, only he had a full length one!)

  18. Hope you had a good day in spite of the weather! Really enjoy reading your blog every day - you are so positive and inspiring. The gritters were out in full force in Winterton early this evening so we may be in for a rough night again tonight

  19. Hi Charlies Aunt, I stayed in most of the time, but did have to go out to check on a friends dog and I also took Rocky with me. I walked them both in the wind. Hilarious trying to hold onto them while picking up a poo and struggling to tie the poo bag handles together.

    Campfire I have a nice pink umbrella which I take with me.

  20. With the way things have been, doubt there is all that much snow in Canadas far north. I live in the Canadian "snowbelt" and we barely had a winter this year. The middle of march we pretty near had a heatwave.

    Did you see the tornadoes in Texas yesterday? No one died amazingly. There really is always something to be thankful for eh?

  21. Gosh you better get rid of that weather by the time I'm over haha. I better pack a few warm things! I like how you always see the positives in everything!!!!!

  22. You remind me of the Lion in Wizard of Oz - "put 'em up, put 'em up!" Good for you always come out fighting.

    I read the same book as Danneke, it was very good.


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