Sunday, 22 April 2012

A few loose ends

Hi Peeps. Several of you have asked some questions. I am happy to answer them, as sometimes I tend to ramble, and don't always explain myself very well. So, to tie up a few loose ends, here goes.

Matthew asked if I got a look at Fountains Abbey? Well guess what? I got a peek but couldn't go in as it was too late and they were closed. But shock horror, I took these two photo's and missed them off Day 5 Grassington to Ripon. So thank you Matthew for bringing it to my attention. This one is the view towards Pateley Bridge as I was walking away from it, up the hill past the cemetery.

And this is the peek I got of Fountains Abbey. It was getting late and I was concerned about finding a bed for the night. The gate was locked, I thought I might get a better view as I followed the road round the other side, but it was surrounded by trees.

Cynthia asks what kind of camera I use? Here it is Cynthia. A simple point and shoot Finepix J25. I take a lot of photo's but also delete a lot. I take several shots of the same thing from different angles, then pick out the best. I also edit with the simple Microsoft Office Picture Manager, cropping, colour enhance, and brightness and contrast.

I am not really sure how all the settings work, just use the basics, let it find it's own focus from Macro to Landscape.

ElaineInPhilly asks how do I remember everything to write? I take a notepad with me but very rarely use it. I always think to myself no need to write it down, I will remember it, and of course I don't, ha ha. I make notes on my maps, scribble on the edges, usefull for later when writing it up. Yes, the photo's are a prompt as well. I do tend to remember when quirky little things happen, such as the people I meet. The easiest way to make notes is to photograph what you want to remember.

Elaine also asked if I was eating enough? To be honest, I don't actually need to eat that much at any time, whether away or at home. I never eat big meals of stodge, the only time I have a big plate full is when I do steamed veg at home, because it doesn't hang around in the gut for hours. I prefer to eat small portions several times a day, and any doctor will tell you that is the best way to eat.

I ate the breakfasts at the B & B's but didn't eat any meat, so it was mainly eggs, beans, hash browns, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Every day I wrapped up the toast to take with me for later. I found I was feeling full for a long time after these breakfasts, so only needed to pop into a Spar shop to get something for tea. Tins of mackeral fillets, pasta salad in a plastic box, etc. Then I would eat half of it, and nibble the rest while walking the next day. I only once had something to eat in a pub, and that was only a baked potato with a tuna topping. I think generally people eat too much. I listen to my stomach, it tells me when to eat.

Jane asked would I do a walk again, or do I prefer new walks? Jane, I prefer to walk where I haven't walked before. Although this trip did include one or two places I had already seen. I have been to a lot of places in Yorkshire, so to come straight across the country from one side to the other, it was difficult to not come through Grassington and Pateley Bridge. Also I have been to York and Beverley before, they are near enough to visit on a day trip.

PP asks, do I take a tent and sleep anywhere, or would I get chased away? Dont Unplug also asks if I camp out? I don't have a tent light enough to carry, though I am thinking of getting one. If I took camping gear I could not take the net book, the rucksack would be too heavy. If I camp it's with my car, drive to a camp site. PP, there is such a thing as wild camping here. It's not strictly legal unless you get the landowners permission, and most will give it. Some people will camp discreetly, hide in a corner and no one will know they are there. The rule is you arrive late and leave early, leaving no signs that you were there. You wouldn't get arrested if you were caught.

Campfire, I arrived late at York Hostel, so I didn't see much of it. I had breakfast so didn't see the members kitchen, I sat in the empty dining room blogging, and I was in a four bedded room with two others. It seemed a good hostel.

Several people asked where do I plan on going next? I've a few ideas buzzing around in my head, something will come to me in a flash of inspiration I expect. I fancy the North Norfolk coast, Ireland, Isle of Man, and the Cotswolds. I could go anywhere, I'll let you know. I need to save up some pennies.

Judy wants a summary of the miles covered. Here is a day by day account.
The breakdown of miles is as follows.

Morecambe to Kirkby Lonsdale 18.03
Kirkby Lonsdale to Ribblehead 13.66
Ribblehead to Stainforth 15.01
Stainforth to Grassington 15.16
Grassington to Ripon 22.80
Ripon to York 26.63 (wow)
York to Pocklington 19.75
Pocklington to Beverley 19.27
Beverley to Humber Bridge 11.84
Total 162.15

Sorry I missed you Eileen, I got into Morecambe at 5pm and found a B & B pretty quickly, as it was cold. I had a short walk along the prom then retired to my room.

Carol asks how is my garden? Not much happening at the moment, Carol. Waiting for sown seeds to come up in the pots, more to sow. It keeps raining. The weeds need chopping down, the grass needs mowing. I will be growing veg in the same fashion as I did last year. Chuck some seeds down, rake them in, and see what happens. As long as I get some veg to keep me going, not expecting loads.

Welcome back Andrea, I'm glad you've found some posts particularly helpfull. Please stick around, I love it that you pop in.

My stomach thinks my throat is cut, ha ha. Lunch time. Toodle pip.


  1. Hi!
    I've found your blog via MSE! I love reading your posts over there and your blog is just as inspiring!

  2. I have some top news for you MQ! Re tents: Lidl are currently selling a REALLY LIGHT tent. It's a tiny 2-man one (not big enough for two plus gear really, but hey!). It is only a single layer so if it really belts it down with rain you might get a bit wet, but otherwise should be a pretty good buy for hiking.

    Mum and I are using this one for our hiking at the end of the month. (Meant to be absolutely freezing though so wish me luck!)

  3. Hi Ilona I was very interested to read your comments about eating habits. I think you are right there's alot of truth in what you say. Kind regards Jean

  4. You seem to have life sorted Ilona. I'm sure these modern lightweight tents are the answer to a hikers weight problem.

  5. I think the only tent that would be light enough for you to carry would be very expensive. Alternatively a bivvy bag which are very light. Bearing in mind you would have to have a very light sleeping bag too. I once looked into all of this and dismissed it. If your pack is too heavy it spoils the enjoyment of your walk and climbing over stiles is a nightmare.

    Ilona, if you are thinking of doing the Isle of Man Coastal Path walk, it's called Raad ny Foillan, and a book about it is by Aileen Evans. You could either have or borrow my copy and map. I have done it almost twice. The first time I got 3/4 way around and broke a little bone in my ankle and had to go to the hospital. I did it completely the next year. I could advise you best places to break your journeys. It it a very beautiful island and the mountain and sea view just can't be beaten.

    I think you are absolutely right in what you say about eating. Personally I have fish so wouldn't go for the mackerel, but I tend to eat small meals and I have done so even when cycling and walking distances.

    It must be very satisfying getting back and looking at all your pictures. A warm, feeling. Well, we'll wait until the next time.

    That is a lightweight one person tent at a good price but not much room for other than sleeping.

  7. I think generally people eat too much. I listen to my stomach, it tells me when to eat.

    sound advice Ilona, which a lot of people should take head of. This is why you stay so lovely and trim.

    ps love that first photo and the new header. Maybe you might change it after every time you went somewhere new, I'd enjoy that, but I still miss the pants :-)

  8. Hello Jellie, glad you have dropped by. Yes I do poke my nose into MSE from time to time, I can't help myself. Some folks haven't a clue, ha ha.

    Thanks for the tent info, Campfire and Bryallen. Looks like it is a toss up between a one man double layer or a two man single layer. I will have a look at both. I have seen a one man and they are like a coffin, but I suppose you have to go small to get the weight down. Also the lightest are the most expensive.

    Kath, I was amazed when people commented on my food intake during the walk. There are threads on a walking forum about eating certain foods, and the amounts you are supposed to consume when on a long walk. I actually ate less than I do at home, because I couldn't get the kind of food I wanted, and because I wasn't hungry. As I said, my body tells me when to eat. I soon know about it if I haven't eaten enough. I know I was using a lot of energy, but I felt really fit and healthy. I sometimes wonder if people panic if they can't get food at what is considered normal meal times.

  9. Hi Ilona thanks for the summary. I'm looking forward to checking out your trip on the map. Cheers Judy

  10. Agree so much about eating when you are hungry - not when the clock tells you too !!
    This is what I do, i very often miss 'clocked' meals but eat when I feel like it, I enjoy my food much better this way.
    my ex used to 'have' to eat when the clock said 'breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper' - greedy pig !

  11. Just on the subject of food - have you ever noticed that if you go anywhere there is a buffet, how many people just heap food onto their plates, because it's 'free' and scoff the lot?

  12. Some people cannot listen to their stomach. I have to eat every hour because of hypoglycemia. I can eat large or small meals, and I feel the same after an hour. I do not feel hungry. the precipitously low drop in blood sugar is a panicky feeling, like I must eat, not really hunger. My friends say I graze because normally I eat a bit here and there all day long.

  13. Thank you for answering my question,Ilona. I love your new header!
    Jane x

  14. Oops should have commented on this post of yours rather than today's on relationships, where I put it first... So, to repeat, Ilona, that was quite some walk you did! And what fantastic photos. No-one can say the north is industrial and bleak looking at them!


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