Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Day 5 Grassington to Ripon

Well that's day seven done. If I was doing the Blackpool-Humber Bridge walk I would be finished by now, but here I am in Pocklington with two more days left to do. The feet are a little bit sore underneath, and my left shoulder has been giving me some pain today, but not to worry, it could be worse, I could have two painful shoulders :o)

Anyway, where was I on Sunday, ah yes, I woke up in Grassington. There were two other ladies staying in the B & B, we all sat down to breakfast together. A wonderful spread was provided by the owner. My fellow boarders picked at their food and quickly left, I was shocked to see that the younger one had left almost everything on her plate, what a waste. I didn't like them much they were a bit posh and I got the feeling that they looked down their noses at me. They spoke in silly whispers so I wouldn't hear their conversation. When the owner came to clear the plates away she said she didn't like them either. I suppose you have to take a chance on who comes to the door when you are running a B & B. I must look a bit suspect in my walking gear, who is this mad woman, ha ha.

They were setting up the Farmers Market stalls in the square as I left. Only about eight stalls, selling speciality local food. Sorry, I can't carry any more weight.

I knew I had a long day ahead of me, crossing four pages of maps, so I set at a brisk pace. I walked alongside the River Wharf for a while, it was a lovely sunny morning. A few people were out with their dogs.

You can cross the river here by the stepping stones.

But if you don't fancy taking the chance of falling in you can use the bridge.

Oh cor blimey, I've done seven miles, still got another fifteen to do ! Gonna have to get on with it.

I arrived in Pateley Bridge. I had originally planned to take the scenic route through Appletreewick, but I decided to keep to the road to keep up a fast pace.

I sat down on a bench for a few minutes at the side of the road in Pateley Bridge. I was amazed when a woman approached me and said she knew me. I was even more amazed when she said she recognised me from my blog, she has been following for a while now. What a coincidence eh! Amazing. Linda is from Staffordshire, and happened to be in Yorkshire for a few days holiday. She could have so easily missed me, because I almost went into the childrens park to sit down, she wouldn't have seen me there. Hello Linda, are you back home yet?

Not many pictures today, the road is long and boring. This is Pateley Bridge cemetery a very pretty building.

I was ready for stopping before I got to Ripon, and asked a woman if there was anywhere nearby to stay. No she said, so I had to carry on. On the outskirts of Ripon I walked straight through Studley Deer Park. This church stands in the grounds.

And next to it is this house.

It was a long trek through the park, almost there, or so I thought. Still a bit further to go past these gates.

I found a B & B on the outskirts of Ripon, but there was no answer when I rang the bell. I asked a neighbour if anyone was in and she said they have gone away. Why didn't they take their Vacancies sign down then, most annoying. I carried on to the city. Apparently it is Englands smallest city. I came across this pub and got a bed here for £35. I was pleasantly surprised when I was shown to my room, in a converted stable block outside the back in the courtyard. It was very nice, and private, like my own little bedsit. I bought some food from the convenience store at the garage down the road, I could just about hobble that far, ha ha

I am sure how many miles this was, at a guess twenty three or thereabouts. I will check it when I get back. Toodle pip


  1. I just Googled The White Horse Inn...I see they accept pets...lucky for Puddytat!!
    Jane x

  2. What a long trek, your little legs must have been going like pistons. Wonderful photo's, we have stayed in our caravan at Pocklington. Great gardens and museum there.
    Take care, would be nice for you to have a long soak in the bath to ease all those aches and pains. Take care.

  3. I wonder if you will be shorter in height when you get home ? Ha Ha.
    I hope the shoulder is better, I know how inconvenient it is to have a painful left shoulder!

    Take care and hope you sleep weel and are refreshed for another 23? miles.


    Sandie xx

  4. So, you were in Pately Bridge. a town? It seems lots of towns are called "XXXX Bridge" some of our cities are called things like "Appamattox Courthouse" because the courthouse is located there. That is mostly in New England or Virginia...not really sure how widespread, just not down here. So, is this the same type naming you in UK use?

    When you say you stayed in a pub, I am just a little shocked, thinking you went to a bar and slept there...lol. Well, some do sleep there, leaning on a table after too many drinks. However, they are not charged.

    Those women had no class. It is impolite to whisper when another is nearby. They clearly did not care how you felt about their snub. Anyone can be polite for the few moments you seem to have spent together. With your gear, you clearly were hiking about. They might have learned a thing or two from you--like how to treat your tablemates! Maybe they should take some of their wealth and buy some lessons in manners. If they knew you slept in a stable, they would probably have thought you had cooties!

    They probably cannot take the stunning pictures that you take! I wonder if they could walk as far as you do. I feel sorry for people that think they have to show their superiority by being condescending to others! This is annoying to see you were treated so shabbily, if even for a few minutes.

  5. I meant it seems lots of the towns YOU visit or speak of are called "something bridge."
    so, Linda is me, Practical Parsimony.

  6. I'll be glad when you're 'home' - you are a worry you know !
    You should have wiped your muddy boots all over those 'ladies' - ignorant so and so's !! I hope you aren't planning any more 'route marches' for a while, I think you need a well earned rest.
    Take care of yourself

  7. Beautiful photographs once again. I'm really enjoying checking out your blog every morning to see where you've been. Make sure you soak your feet and be careful with that shoulder! Take care. X

  8. Why is Puddycat called Puddycat? Seems atrange to me?

  9. Just checked back on your planned dates and you should be within striking distance of me tonight, hope you find somewhere comfy in Beverley - the youth hostel there looks like a lovely building and near the magnificent Minster. Skidby Mill on the way down to the bridge for tomorrow was in full sail on Sunday as well. Hope the feet hold out.

  10. hI Ilona I'm with you it makes me so angry when people just pick at food and just leave it. People just take having good food for granted what a waste. Have a good day check on your progress tomorrow. Kind regards Jean

  11. What rude people!! Glad you found such comfortable lodgings at the White Horse, sounds delightful. Cheers Judy

  12. Hi Ilona, I'm loving your photographs - its really cheering me up seeing all those beautiful places which are on my doorstep. You are helping me to plan my Summer! Its funny how you get a bad feeling from people when you first meet them. Manners cost nothing, and a friendly chit chat over breakfast is hardly difficult. Ah well - you never know whats going on in their lives at the moment. Keep going, we are rooting for you in this house. Debs x

  13. I think your appearance in walking gear etc is quite a normal thing in that area, as, well, that is where people walk, cycle, pot hole if there are any about. If they didn't have walkers there would be times when there would be no customers, like in the bad weather sometimes car drivers would not venture.

    I'm sure Wean has no need to worry about you, life is an adventure and to go places alone and meet people (even though some of 'em aren't worth meeting) is all part of the fun of it. I go abroad on my own and stay in B*B and guest houses, even what is in our country, pubs, no problems.

    Enjoy the day.

  14. Not far to go now! Glad the weather was good for you. I recognised Studley Deer Park - did you get a look at Fountains Abbey?

  15. Blimey girl, you'd have put the army route marchers to shame!
    Loved the house in the deer park.

  16. We had a great holiday in Pateley Bridge many years ago. Lots of good long walks, but nowhere near as far as you walked!

    I loved your photos of the River Wharfe too. Happy memories.....

    Hope the last bit of your long trek goes smoothly.

  17. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. How nice to meet a follower :-)
    Thank you xx

  18. Lovely photos! We occasionally stay near this area with Dave's dad but haven't explored it much yet so your recent posts are giving my ideas for future trips north!

  19. Hope you have enjoyed Gods own county and hope you felt welcome! Pics lovely.
    Keep safe.


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