Saturday, 21 April 2012

Day 9 Beverley to the Humber Bridge

Well here we are then Puddytat, this is the final and last day of our mega trek. I know you don't want to go under the cover again but it's still raining out there. At least you kept dry yesterday when I was squelching along in soggy boots. It's a good job we had a hot room at this B & B and I managed to dry things out on the radiator. Now we are all set to go. We haven't a long day, in fact this is going to be the shortest day. I don't want a repeat performance of a 30 miler like I had last year, from Selby to the Bridge, oh no, they'll be no late finish this time. Right, time to cover up.

Saying farewell to the Windmill Inn, at Windmill Walk, in Beverley. A nice room for £35, double bed again, ensuite, big breakfast, luverly juberly.

A quick look round before we depart. Shops in the Market Place.

The Bandstand.

The Methodist Church.

A jolly butcher standing outside his shop.

And here we are approaching the Minster, it's very close to the houses. I have been here before, but worth another look.

Inside there is an exhibition of hand embroidered textiles. There are about 25 of them, it must have taken ages to complete. I can't find the artists name on the web site, sorry.

Such intricate detail, they are beautiful.

One last look at the Minster.

I followed a minor road out to Beverley Parks Crossing, then took a right turn down a track picking up the Roses Cycle path again. Over the A 1079, round an electricity sub station, and came into Cottingham past a lot of commercial salad growers greenhouses. I had intended to shoot off to the right to take a look at Skidby, but by now my only thoughts were on crossing the finishing line. I can visit Skidby at a later date, as now they have reduced the cost of crossing the bridge to £1.50, giving me new places to walk and not too far to travel.

I have seen a lot of these conservation signs dotted around the entrances to fields, discouraging people to wander willy nilly through them. I must say, I would much rather stick to official footpaths, but if farmers and land owners let their stiles and access routes become overgrown, then sometimes I am forced to find my own way through.

Time for a sit down at Willerby. From now on it is mostly residential areas I am passing through.

This is an interesting building, it's opposite a school on the edge of Kirk Ella, and looks like it's being used for industrial purposes. I asked a woman who was walking her dog. She said the school used to be a Manor House and this was the stable block.

It's a fascinating piece of architecture, I hope they preserve it. It would be a shame to let it crumble.

Then I spot the towers of the Humber Bridge, and I'm quite excited. Only another half mile, and here we are arriving at the bus stop. Puddytat is happy, it stopped raining so we are nice and dry.

So that brings us to the end of the walk, all 162 miles of it. The bus came and took us to Winterton. There was still another two miles to go home, I could have rung someone to pick me up, but I thought, sod it, not worth bothering people to come out, get a Magnum ice cream and walk home.

I feel pleased that I have achieved this walk, I did what I set out to do, giving up was not an option. I will go through your comments and answer any questions in another post. I thank you all for spurring me on, I have felt that you, my friends, were all there alongside me. Many thanks.


  1. Amazing ! Congratulations.................lovely pictures and thanks for sharing.

  2. You are an inspiration Ilona, thanks for sharing your lovely photos with us
    twiggy x

  3. Well done , Ilona....I have thoroughly enjoyed this trip.I didn't get wet..or have any blisters!
    Jane x

  4. Congratulations Ilona! Thanks for taking us along.

  5. Well done. Very inspiring. I'm contemplating doing the South Downs Trail 120 miles, camping along the route. I like contemplating!

  6. Well done on completing another long walk!

  7. Hi Ilona Yipee Well done !! Regards Jean

  8. I knew you'd do it! Well done Gal!
    Are you shorter than when you set off? LOL!
    I think I would be.
    Thanks for sharing all the scenery, some of which I have seen myself.
    I expect Puddytat is curled up fast asleep now.

    Sandie xx

  9. Congratulations on completing your trip. I thoroughly enjoyed following you and enjoyed looking at your photos. Thank you for sharing it all with us.
    How is your garden doing?

  10. Well done on covering such a long journey on foot. I have really enjoyed looking at your photos, and seeing where you travel. Where do you next plan on going?

  11. Glad you are home safe, it's been great fun following your journey.
    The manor house which became a school by the way is Tranby croft. In 1890 it was the site of the royal baccarat scandal envolving the then Prince of Wales - the game was ilegal at the time. The building in the picture is the gatehouse and last year it was a car sales office (we were there looking for a car for hubby) - I would love to turn it into my dream home.

  12. That is an amazing feat Ilona, very well done m'dear. I hope you treat your feet to a good soak and moisturiser.

  13. Welcome back and thank you for the walk. Have a good rest and put those feet up now.
    Love from Mum

  14. Fabulous accomplishment Ilona, didn't think for one minute that you wouldn't do it. It must have been especially difficult with the rotten weather we have been having, your upbeat can do attitude is fantastic. Great to have you back.

  15. Welcome home Ilona! More great photos x x

  16. Congrats! What a great walk. Can't wait to get out and explore some of these areas!

  17. Well done, looks like you had a lovely time and have great stamina too. You visited a lot of places that I am fond of and it was nice to see them from someone elses eye's x

  18. How great for me on the other side of the world to be able to see what you've seen and share in your walk, all from the comfort of my armchair! Thanks! Cheers Judy

  19. Enjoyed that! Inspirational.

    Impressive images of beautiful embroidery above: see

  20. Thank you for that link Brian. Looks like the exhibition was the result of many hands, not one particular artist. It's amazing what a sewing group can achieve.

  21. What a brilliant achievement. Well done, bet it's good to have a soak in your own bath and kip in your own bed though. :)

  22. You`ve done it! Well done. I`m glad you had a great time and are home save. It was nice to follow your journey. Can`t wait to see you do another. But first have a good rest!


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