Thursday, 19 April 2012

Day 7 York to Pocklington

Yep, I'm home, all done and dusted, ha ha. I've got a cat on my knee, and Rocky sat next to me on a chair. Just got the last three days to enter on here, so lets get on with the job. This is York International Youth Hostel, it's a massive place, 147 beds. There was a coach load of foreign students in, all jabbering away excitedly, they were having a great time. A fantastic breakfast here as well. 

I needed to go through the centre of York and out the other side, and the easiest way to do that is to follow the river. The pleasure cruisers were getting ready for the days work.

The wheel is moving slowly round, not many riding it this early.

I was very close to the Railway Museum and decided to pay a visit. This is a fantastic place, free to go in, and a massive collection of everything trains to see. Even if you are not a train fan it is definately worth a visit. The engines are kept in pristine condition. I saw a cleaner going round them with a feather duster.

Those wheels are huge, and shiny.

This is a Japanese Bullet Train.

Puddytat liked this one best, I even had to put a coin in so he could have a ride, ha ha. And if you believe that you will believe anything.

I left York on the A1079, and after crossing over the A64 I took a minor road through Dunnington and then footpaths on to Stamford Bridge. These chickens were on an allotment, aren't they pretty.

I went through Hagg Wood, and wondered if I should with my track record of getting lost in woods. This one was ok though, the path was clearly marked.

Here is the bridge at Stamford Bridge.

There is a dismantled railway line that goes through the village, on the top of the viaduct.

This building looks like an old mill.

There are ducks and geese wandering about, trashing the grass, it looks a bit bald here.

Onwards I went to Pocklington, some road walking now. I was getting a bit fed up of the unpredictable weather. Here you can see I still have my trousers on, despite it being sunny. I don't know which is worse being too hot or too cold. You can guarantee as soon as I take layers off the clouds come and it goes cold.

I was a bit late arriving at Pocklington, due to dawdling in York. That seems to have been the pattern, have a look round a place before setting off in the morning, and walking faster in the late afternoon to get to another place, buy some provisions, and find a bed for the night. This was my most expensive bed, The Feathers. Cough, splutter, £50. The thing is when you are getting a bit weary you can't find an extra bit of energy, or inclination, to traipse around looking for something cheaper. This was no better than one costing £35, it just happened to be in the right place.  

Toodle pip till tomorrow


  1. welcome home. I have loved following your adventures and your photos, thank you for sharing them.

  2. You must be happy to be home for a rest now. Thank you for bringing us all along I enjoyed the adventure very much.

  3. Well done Gal and welcome home!

    Sandie xx

  4. We don't have the walking in woods bit to get around. I would be afraid someone would kill me. Do you ever take a one-person tent and just sleep any old place you please? Or, would you get chased away or arrested?

  5. I would like to go to York, are you planning your next adventure? x

  6. Glad you are back safe and sound. I bet you won't be doing much other than resting your feet today! NRM is such a good place to visit. My son is autistic and he is quite obsessed with trains - this museum has been a life line to us, and its free! Have a nice rest. Debs x

  7. What a trip! Fabulous pictures. I enjoyed coming along on this walk.

  8. My brother would be in 7th heaven looking at those trains! Will you be doing a summary of your trip showing total miles covered? Cheers Judy

  9. Hi Ilona What a lovely experience you have had and your photo's made me feel as if I have walked every inch of the way with you (so to speak!!!). Time to have a bit of a rest now until the next time I can't wait !!! kind regards Jean

  10. I've just read through your trip. Great photos and a lot of our favourite haunts. We spend a lot of time at the train museum and my uncle used to live in a little village near Ripon called Markington, lovely scenery up there.
    Thanks for sharing Ilona and have a jolly good rest now
    Twiggy x

  11. I have really enjoyed following your journey. We sometimes holiday in Stainforth and travel around the Dales and to the Lake District, but your journey on foot far exceeds what we have done.

  12. I loved seeing York, i never knew there was such a huge hostel there! I also never knew there was a dismantled railway line in Stamford Bridge despite driving through there many times wi kids on way to sunny Brid - happy days!

    Ta for these pics and words I :)

    Dave AJ

  13. such beautiful country side that we live in. we are so lucky :) x


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