Thursday 5 April 2012


I bet you really wanted to see my plates of meat, didn't you, ha ha. These little beauties are a size 5, or that's a 38 in foreign money. Aren't they the height of perfection, despite the bunions? I can't wear modern fashionable shoes because they dont make them with extra wide fittings, and my bunions are no bother at all so I will stick with them, besides I'm rather attached to them :o)
I rushed in and grabbed a few books from the mobile Library on Monday, this being one of them. Looks interesting, Read the feet to understand the body and mind, it says on the cover. Hmmmm, what are my feet telling me I wonder?
There are four pages of contents listed each toe has it's own chapter. How to get started, first of all you look at your own feet, and invite others to to do the same. Then you determine what you like or dislike about them, and describe any parts that may be too painful to look at. Well mine look alright to me, I can just about manage to twist my foot around to see the underneath bit.

Wow, it says here that reading feet can be an absolute eye opener, and when combined with reflexology the outcome can be phenomenal.

Blimey, sorry about that, I'd forgotten you lot out there, got so engrossed in the book, now where was I? Ah yes, these big toes are fascinating. It says, the big toes reveal any tension that is subconsciously building up long before it has a chance to develop into an unhealthy situation. These toes also reveal the effect of thoughts that constantly bounce back, showing why it is so important to think carefully before making ones mind up. I'm not really sure how the big toes tell us these things, do they go a funny colour and drop off? I dont know.

What's next, apparently feet constantly change colour to highlight emotions, with a more vibrantly coloured skin revealing a healthy confidence. White indicates purity or divine guidance. Purple means you are spiritually aware. Bluish purple means you are highly offended. Black means deep emotional scars, I though that meant you hadn't washed them :o) Green means extreme discontent. Yellow means you are exceptionally critical. Orange means you are unhappy. Red shows you are embarrassed, and when they are brown, you are browned off.

It seems that reading the lines on the soles of the feet is a bit like reading them on the palm of your hand. A vertical line down the toe pad, from top to bottom, may indicate a divided mind. Faint scattered lines usually reveal a scatterbrain, whose thoughts are all over the place, that's me alright, ha ha.

I don't understand a lot of this, especially this bit. If life has become a bore the chances are that the soles are worn out from doing the same old thing day in and day out, instead of having the gumption to explore new ground and be different. How can your soles wear out, if they did you wouldn't be able to stand up. I dont get it :o(


  1. I remember my Mum saying that if you had itchy soles of your feet it meant that you were going to tread on fresh ground. But she had loads of soppy saying, like...
    If you can't fight wear a big hat. lol

  2. Well, having studied your feet carefully for some minutes, all I can say is I'm glad I never became a chiropodist! Even though your feet are very attractive. He added hastily. :-)

  3. You must be getting bored. Take your feet out for Speaking of feet, have you ever had a foot massage? You will give up sex for that anyday. Okay, maybe not ANYday. You cannot give a really good one to yourself, foot massage, you know. I wonder if we have that book in our library.

    1. I'd give up sex for a lot less than a foot massage.

    2. Lauradora,
      Since your grandma reads your blog, I will tell you here--that is a hilarious comment. LOL

  4. Well I didn't expect to see a pair of feet staring at me first thing this morning ! thanks for that MQ

  5. I got one bunion removed so I can wear one nice shoe ha ha ha !

  6. I used to have Reflexology once a month and adored it. I would go into a state of trance with the pleasure of it all. I had a pedicure a few weeks ago, thinking that it would be similar but I was disappointed. That book sounds a bit airy fairy.

  7. Looking at that photo, I am very tempted to travel all the way to Lincolnshire to tickle them! Always a pleasure reading your blog


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