Thursday, 12 April 2012

Day 1 Morecambe to Kirkby Lonsdale

You'll be pleased to know that the rain did clear this morning after that gloomy start, by the time I had finished my breakfast the sun had come out. In fact I have been dead lucky all day, only a few spots of rain landed on me. I was pretty close to it mind you, at times I was walking on wet roads where it had rained only minutes before, and the skies looked quite dark ahead of me. I even saw lightening and heard thunder, and had to put my umbrella up for a couple of minutes when I was pelted with hailstones.

Anyway, this is me setting off along the Prom, looking over Morecambe Bay. You will see I have brought a little friend along, this is Puddytat, he didn't want to stay at home.

I followed the coastal path for quite a way, past Carnforth. At times it was a bit boggy, a bit of jumping over mini rivers was called for. At one point I decided to climb over a fence and make up my own route on higher ground, up the edge of a field. I climbed over the barbed wire fence to gain access to a caravan park, where I knew I could walk down a lane. Think I might buy this one, ha ha, what do you think.

I arrived at the village of Warton, where I had a welcome break. The sign on this stone seat says T'owd folks seat. I reckon I qualify to sit here.

It was a semi circular seat next to the childrens play area. This compass was set in the middle of it, with all the surrounding place names engraved on the stones.

Just up the road I came across the Old Rectory opposite the church. The ruins are nicely kept with the grass neat and tidy.

This is one of the old wooden roof supports, bolted onto a wall, so you can see how they cut the timbers for it.

The church was lovely.

Out of Warton I went under a railway bridge and over the main A6 road, where I skirted around Pine Lake. This is a very posh holiday park with lots of wooden lodges around the edges of the water. I must say it did look a nice place to stay because the log cabins were not all crammed together, they were nicely spaced out. Looks like I am walking towards one massive thunderstorm here.

I needed to cross over the M6 motorway, and the map showed a footpath going underneath it. I picked my way over some rough ground, but I couldn't find the tunnel, so I had to amend the route slightly and go alongside the motorway to cross higher up by a bridge.

When I got into Borwick I thought I would have a rest from taking photo's because I needed to get on, and then I went through a gate and saw this, Borwick Hall, isn't it lovely.

What a fabulous building, I asked a man what it was for. He said it's an activity centre for young people. There is a canal nearby and they go out on the boats, and there are some zip wires across a pond.

It was so nice I decided to have a break. Puddytat is looking longingly at my lemon muffin.

The post box at the gate of the church caught my attention. You post your prayers in there.

Next I went through Priest Hutton, then across some fields where I went a bit wrong. Luckily there was a farmer on a quad bike rounding up his sheep, he put me on the right track. Next I went past the craggs and  through Hutton Roof. I decided to stay on the road then because time was getting on and I needed to get to Kirkby Lonsdale. I was aiming for a 6pm finish. Not far to go now. I love the way the sun is behind me and catching this tree against the dark sky.

The church clock in Kirkby shows 6.20pm, so I wasn't far off.

I asked a woman where I should look for a cheap B & B, she said you'll be lucky, they are a bit pricey. She pointed to the right and suggested a pub. Right next door to the pub was a little restaurant with a notice in the window, B & B, I asked inside how much. I was pleasantly surprised, it is £30, so thank you very much that will be fine. I have an en suite, with a tele as well, brilliant.

My tea tonight was the rest of the salad from last night, a slice of toast which I wrapped in a serviette from breakfast, and some biscuits in the room with the tea and coffee making facilities. I went a walk round Kirkby, it's a lovely little town, lots of little alleyways and stone cottages. I was running out of good daylight, I'll get a few snaps tomorrow before I leave. The people round here are ever so friendly, I had a nice chat with a man while I was enjoying the views over the river. And the lady in the Spar shop was chatty. I spent 80p on a bottle of reduced juice and a bag of reduced chocolate. Scrummy. It's very late so time for bed. I've had a wonderful day.


  1. Never seen Puddytat before!
    Glad you have made it safely to your 2nd destination.
    Hope you sleep well, and get some bits at breakfast to take for your lunch/tea!

    Take care,

    Sandie xx

  2. What a fabulous day, Ilona (and Puddytat). The weather may have been 'threatening' but it has made for some stunning shots!
    stay safe
    Jane xx

  3. hey up Ilona nice one! I love the pic of the tree. Amazing you managed to dodge the rain all day! I love seeing parts of the country i would never have known about on your jaunts. ITs right exciting. Hope weather holds out for you tomorrow :)

    Dae aka A off th'forum :)

  4. What a great bunch of photos!

  5. Hi Ilona, I have been following your adventures for a while now,what a lovely walk and lovely pictures.I feel like I'm with you!! Keep safe,looking forward to today's adventure! Maz

  6. You're making good progress :) Loved the photos, especially the ones of the rain in the background, but with the sun shining on you. Look forward to tomorrows post.

  7. Fantastic photos and progress, well done. Glad you missed the rain, those rain clouds really did look threatening.

    Sue xx

  8. I've never been to that part of the country, but it looks lovely, love the ruins x

  9. great photos! I did laugh at the caravan, I can see you living in that, with loads of cats LOL

  10. What lovely photos I love the one of the tree against the dark sky. Thank you Ilona and Puddytat for bringing us along on your journey I'm looking forward to the pictures of Kirby and the next leg of your journey.
    Happy walking

  11. Ilone, £30 for a room with ensuite? that's amazing.
    Love the pictures of the dark sky.

  12. Great photos Ilona. I've never heard of Borwick Hall, will have to look it up. It looks grand.

    I was staying at Warton from Thursday to Saturday afternoon, it's quite a pretty place and a nice Monastery just out through the village.

    Lucky you finding an en suite at £30.

  13. Great stuff as usual Ilona :0)

    I am a bit worried about the lack of substance to your evening meal when you are using so much energy though.....

  14. You are not nourishing yourself properly. Its frugality gone too far. you've gone overboard with the scrimping and saving its like a compulsion with you. Life is too short.

  15. It`s lovely to follow your exploits. These photos with dramatic weather in the background are just stunning, as the strange light brings out the colours. Very atmospheric and artistic!
    Can`t wait to read the next part of your journey.

  16. I reckon you should buy that caravan - country location, sea views, air condition as standard - what more could you want.
    You're as daft as me carrying that cat around !

  17. Lovely walk, i often walk in that area, but have to say you make it seem so much nicer.

  18. Oh, how I wish I could be there walking and visiting these places with you!!!

    That trailer is definitely a "fixer-upper"...LOL.

  19. It's nice to 'follow' you as you walk - your photos are lovely! You were so lucky dodging the showers. That photo of the daffodils / lake / stormy sky is beautiful - the colour of the water makes it look very inviting!

  20. Thank you for sharing this lovely day. How do you remember everything to write? Do you walk with a notepad and pencil? Do you use the photos as a memory prompt? I could never remember all that you do, and I'd be so grateful if you'd share your hints. I bet it's because your mind is a highly honed instrument. And are you eating enough, with all those calories you're burning? Take care, dear Ilona.

  21. As usual gorgeous photo's. I'm not familiar with that part of the country, looks great.
    Looking forward to your progress. Take care.

  22. I have particularly enjoted todays "ramble" as I went to school at Casterton, just up the road from Kirkby Lonsdale. Living in Plymouth, Devon, mow so couldn't be much further away! Am looking forward to see if I recognise any of your Kirkby pictures tomorrow!

  23. Ilona, keep everyone happy and get some fish and chips! We do worry! Loving your pics - I'm a bit envious. Take care. Debs x

  24. Love the photographs. Glad its going so well. Warton rectory looks good. As I dont live far away I'm going to give it a visit.

  25. I am really enjoying your travels, thanks for putting up so many pictures. They are terrific.
    Now I've got to go look at the map and see just where you've been. Here's hoping for a wonderful walking day today(its almost 5 am my time, here in Colorado, so you are already having lunch)


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