Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A walk from Millington in the Yorkshire Wolds

Hello. What do you think about this then, my transport to the start of our walk. Paul has a brand new Range Rover, and today I was lucky enough to have a ride in it, as it was his turn to drive. Smart eh! We went over the Humber Bridge, then onto the A63 and turn right on the A1035 to Market Weighton. From there on the A1079 to Pocklington, then a minor road to Millington. 
The weather was a bit chilly but dry, although the views were not great due to a touch of fog. Twas a bit misty over yonder. We climbed the hill out of the village, on the Yorkshire Wolds Way, which is also the Minster Way, which is also the Chalkland Way. They all branch off eventually going their separate ways. 
The view back to Millington, it was quite a climb to start off the walk with.

This made me laugh, sheep huddled together on a muck heap. I think it must be warm on there.

Our walk took us north through Great Plantation, crossing over the A166 to Gills Farm. Still some snow left on the ground. These deep rutted tracks must be hell to walk on when the snow is melted, one big mud bath.

We took a left at Gills Farm on our anti clockwise circular route. It was time for lunch but there didn't seem to be anywhere to park our bums, until we turned a corner. Someone must have heard our plea, when suddenly a bench appeared like a mirage in a desert. Just the job, we all managed to squeeze on it. 
 I wonder if this selfie will work, no one around to take a picture. Yep, that will do. Boy was it cold, we didn't hang around too long, as soon as we were finished eating we were off.

This is the view from the bench, a great place to sit in the summer. Off we went down there. 
 More snow as we approached Pluckham Plantation, heading towards Wayrham Farm.

 Doesn't it look lovely, like a winter wonderland. Could be Austria or Switzerland with the tall pine trees.

Onwards we went crossing over the A166 again Heading for the Roman Road at High Callis Wold. We did a bit of road walking at this point, Past Millington Grange, and Millington Wood, and back into the village. I have no idea what these wooden carved posts are for. They are at the side of the road at the bottom end of Millington Wood. 
Today's route is marked in green, ha ha. The pink bit is part of the route I took on a long walk from the Humber Bridge to Penrith, last year. I remember walking through the village, past the pubs, the Gait Inn, and the Travellers Rest.

Twas a really good walk, lots of elevation, lots of walking through dales and woods. 13 miles in total. Many thanks to my walking buddies for making the day a lot of fun. Thanks to Paul for planning the route, and to Paul for driving us there.
Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip


  1. Hi Iona. I showed a YouTube clip of you and your boys' pants to some 16 year olds today! I'm teaching Personal Finance and we were discussing the need to save money for the future. Unfortunately only a few of them would pick a penny up off the floor, let alone follow more extreme strategies! Never mind, I'll keep trying...

  2. Quite a nice walk. Lovely photos, too. I enjoyed reading it.

  3. Crikey 13 miles... that's a good old ramble, or bimble as you say. Pictures are nice. (think I would have rather driven around in the Range Rover all day) lol. Seats are like armchairs!

  4. A great time walking and thanks for sharing all your lovely pictures!

  5. Great photos!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. What could be better than a hike in the Yorkshire Wolds? Nothing! --unless it is a walk around Flamborough Head :) Happy memories for me.

  7. What beautiful views, well worth the effort of the walk :)

  8. You are very lucky to have such good walking companions, and, they, you!
    How long did the walk take you?

  9. I love those white range rovers, your walk looked really nice.

  10. I was missing your walks this winter. Thanks for some new scenery! Glad you had some companions too.
    Anne in Pennsylvania

  11. Great photos, I love the selfie

  12. Looks absolutely fabulous - cold though! Roll on Spring!


  13. Hi, just catching up with you.I really enjoyed your walking adventure with friends.Those photos are so vibrant.The deep ruts do turn to mud in the spring and can be tricky.We used to have to park below and walk up ours in the spring,carrying our loads to the farmhouse.That would go on for many weeks till it dried out.We heard the new owners paved the drive and it cost them $35000,00.Imagine that!Each to their own,I guess.I feel very slothful seeing how fit you and your friends are-you do inspire Ilona. Cold weather alerts today and tomorrow here.I did manage a fast walk but doggies were sad to be left behind due to the severe temperatures.Brr.Bye for now, D.


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