Tuesday, 28 March 2017

A new picture using recycled materials

Hello and Good Morning. Another of my art projects finished. The picture is 11.5 inches by 9 inches. The colours in this first picture are close to the real colours. I took the photo before I put the glass in, to cut out any reflections. I have some old frames which I rescued from being dumped in a skip. A lick of paint works wonders to spruce them up. 
In the closeups the background is not as yellow as it should be.

And this is how it started. A piece of fabric with a simple design. I started by covering the whole thing with a yellow wash, which allowed the outline to show through. Then it was just a matter of carefully filling in the colours with a fine brush. The little pots of emulsion tester paints are great for painting pictures. I'm very pleased at how it's turned out. 
What's the plans for today? More crafting, sewing, crochet. Wash hair. Walk three miles. Get things ready for a talk I am doing tonight. Good plan eh!

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon
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  1. Another colourful creation, looks great.

  2. How pretty! It reminds me of one of Matisse's collages. Have an inspiring day! Hugs from Barbara (Canada)

  3. I'm sure everyone will have a lovely evening-I know I would .Your enthusiasm for life shines through.You show that it's not just the young enjoying life,we can too and it doesn't have to cost loads of money either.Just put on our rosy coloured glasses x

  4. Who would have thought that a piece of fabric could be changed in such an innovative way. Brilliant

  5. Really pretty. I love the vibrant colours that you have chosen.

  6. How clever and beautiful and recycling too X best wishes from col

  7. I really like this, Ilona. The colors are nice and bold and you did such a neat, high quality job of painting it over. This is a smart idea that should inspire others to try the very same, just to see what the outcome will be. I love the matting color and the frame color as well. Simple idea that looks like hours of time and effort went into it. Brilliant!! Ranee (MN) USA

  8. Hi Ilona, This picture reminded me, of looking through water at different coloured seaweed and corals with the suns reflection changing the colours, a very restful picture ,thanks for sharing it with us Bee xx

  9. Nice work! Great idea to try. Guess, the cheap acrylic paints will work too.


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