Thursday, 23 March 2017

Savvy supermarket shopping

Hello. My leg is still giving me a bit of bother, I tried to do my three miles but gave up. The muscle is still painful. Janet has given me some cream to put on it, I'll give it a try. I have had soap in my bed for a while now, read about it somewhere. It was doing the trick, no cramps for a couple of months. I am drinking a lot more, see if that makes any difference.

Here is my latest video, finished uploading at 10pm last night. Hope you like it.

I had a look in the garage to find something to plant up the flowers. I got three trays for 20p each, 18 plants. Luckily I picked up a bag of compost last week at Aldi for £1.50.

The black metal boxes I found when someone was clearing out their garage. They have drain holes in the bottom. Not sure what they were originally used for, but they were just right for this. I put a couple of inches of stones and wood in the bottom to assist drainage then the compost on the top. The plants looked a bit wilty, but soon perked up when I watered them. Keeping my fingers crossed for a good show of purple and white flowers.

Lunch today was steamed veg. The broccoli needs eating, carrots from last week, the last of the beetroot. A dash of mayo with this.

Couldn't be bothered to cook tonight, a chuck it on the plate meal. Bean salad, mini cucumber, avocado pear, mushrooms, cheese and onion quiche, and broad bean houmous. I'm stuffed now.

Thanks very much for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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  1. Oh Ilona, you crack me up, in the nicest way of course. I love the flowers for just 60p, I often comment on them drooping for lack of water on the metal grids, never thought of going back to buy them cheap. They look great in the black containers. well done.

  2. Drinking enough is good basic sense to prevent cramp (and other problems) Make sure you have enough Magnesium (and potassium) in your diet. Things like little red lentils, orange fruit/veges, bananas...nothing expensive!

  3. I heard that eating a banana before going to bed helps alleviate cramp. Not sure how effective this is but worth a try. Love the red brick patio and the planters.

    1. Hello Sal. I eat a banana every morning, is that enough or do I need a second one?

  4. Adore your videos and blog! I read your blog daily,and can't wait new story! :)
    I also don'eat meat, looove brussel sprouts, houmous and broccoli, vegetables and fruits are my favorite food. We don't have "AM reduces" in stores (i live in small town),therefore, food is pretty expensive. But, your enthusiasm is viral,so i found a new ways to spare some money! :)
    Thank you again,
    Love from Goca, Serbia

  5. Enjoyed your video!
    Pretty little flowers.
    We never see them marked down that low here.
    Always hoping though.
    Hope your leg feels better soon.

  6. Your plants were a good bargain and look so pretty in the containers.
    Also love the fabric you got from the scrap store and the little heart is a lovely touch.
    Have a good weekend.
    Hazel c uk

  7. Good haul! I too had never seen mini cucumbers up here in the North - I got some once when on holiday in Cornwall from an Asda. Still can't find any where we live. Roll on salad days.

  8. You have a wonderful way to present your issue. Very good on camera. That shade of green on your blouse suits you nicely.
    Pretty good bargains there.Take care and thank you for sharing.

  9. You got some luverly stuff there Ilona.Very healthy.I eat a couple of avocados a week ,I think there's vitamin E in that I need because I don't eat fish or meat.I chop top end off and work down it and keep it in fridge,lasts me 3 days on my sarnies or toast.When I used to have cramp I immediately popped an aspirin just in case it was a clot.Have to be careful with aspirin though in case you have stomach problems.It may be just that you did a huge amount of walking recently.Or even that you have depleted your bodies stock of minerals with the walking.I too thought how your top colour suited you -seaglass x

  10. I enjoyed the video. Hope your leg gets better soon. You may have pulled a muscle without realising it - try and alternate with hot and cold. x

  11. As mentioned elsewhere, I was advised that to prevent cramp you had to consume quinine (tonic water is a good source); I hope your leg is better now. I watched the video and it made me laugh - it reminded me that since Christmas I have only used my oven (full of course) once! As the days are warming up and the evenings getting longer it is getting easier to eat more salad and raw foods. Amanda

  12. Sorry you are having problems with your leg due to cramp. My sister has a cork underneath the mattress in her bed and has found this works. I used to get a lot of cramp in both legs and feet, excruciating! However, that doesn't seem to happen but I now drink lots of water every day, probably almost 2 litres and I think that is why my cramp problem has disappeared.

  13. I just love your manner on the video, you did a wonderful job. Very natural, kind, informative, interesting and entertaining! Yes, all that! You got some lovely bargains. I did get to wondering if you plant a veggie garden? You could grow some very fresh veggies and not even have to go to the store. By the way, your haircut is just like mine. I'm in the U.S.

  14. I wish we had those markdowns at my US Aldi...Is your bothersome leg feeling any better?

  15. Sorry to hear about your leg Ilona, hope it improves soon. Also thanks for cheering me up with your gardening video. My hubby is very poorly in hospital with depression and I've let our garden go a bit. I feel inspired to have a go now, even if it's just baby steps!

  16. On many sites about grocery shopping on the cheap, the author says to make a list and stick to it no matter what. I have about 10 sale papers that arrive in the mail and two I access online. I go through those and write down all the cheap things I want. I might like a pineapple, but at $3 I won't be buying one. When they are $1, I will have pineapple. I do that with each food on sale. If blueberries are on sale, not marked down, I will buy many little boxes and stick the box in the freezer.

    This way, I have a rounded diet and yummy things to eat and always at the sale price for weeks after. When I found bananas reduced and ready to turn, I bought them and dehydrated them. I have two quarts left.

    Walmart price-matches the other stores, so when I find a good deal in the 12 atores' ads, I can shop at one place--Walmart. I have trouble getting out and walking and use an electric cart.


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