Monday, 20 March 2017

Making six mini quilts

Hello. It was a good turnout at Crafty Club this morning, another new member started, she had an enormous ball of knitting wool. If any more join us we will have to get another table out. 
It was raining first thing, but cleared up after lunch. The cats decided to venture outside. They don't wander very far, mostly stay within the garden. The daffs are near the back door so I pointed the camera through the window for this one. Heidi is a sweetie. 
When my friend moved house a few weeks ago she gave me some wadding, so today I cut it up into squares.

And now it is six mini quilts. These are ideal for cat beds, small dog beds, or for putting them on a chair to protect it if you have a pet who insists on lying on the furniture. Fully washable in the machine. These will be sold on our cat rescue stall at our Village Summer Fair in June.

I am let off Bailey dog walking this week, someone else is doing it. His owner will soon be able to do it herself, she is feeling a lot better now. A trip to the Scrapstore in Hull is fixed up for Wednesday, two ladies from the club want to go, so I'll take my car over the bridge.

I'm off to bed with a book. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. thanks for putting a smile on my face with the lovely pic of Heidi cheered me up no end now I shall go to bed with a book lol oh and I love youre mini quilts you are so artistic bye for now x

  2. Practical Parsimony21 March 2017 at 02:33

    They would also make a nice gift for a little girl and her dolls or a little boy for his stuffed dog or bear. But, maybe you never need gifts for children. I really need to make two small quilts for my two grand daughters. I crocheted some for them. That was great to get the batting (what we call it in the US) for the inside of the quilts.

  3. Very pretty quilts!
    I like all the pretty colors.
    Especially the orange one on top!
    Wonderful photo of Heidi!

  4. Heidi is looking very well!!
    Good work on the little quilts :) My regional cat shelter also sells handmade mats for kitties - I bought one that even has a velcro opening in one seam for adding catnip.

  5. What a great idea! They are lovely and so are you.
    J x

  6. Really lovely and it's nice to think of the cats getting comfy and cosy on them. Natalie

  7. Love the picture of your gorgeous cat Heidi with the daffodils. It is a lovely thing that you do helping with the cats rescue charity. Good luck with it all - the quilts are beautiful.

  8. THAT is a very good idea.....

  9. I love our local Scrapstore!


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