Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Simply spirals.

Hello. It's been a bit warmer today, I went outside for a while to clean up some driftwood. Not needed any heating on, the house has been warm enough without it. 
Do you remember that spiralizer thingy  I bought, which was pretty hopeless. I took it back to the store and got my money back. Well I've now got this gadget which is a lot simpler and actually works fine. Put your vegetable in it and twist. Dead easy, and simple to wash after. 

 Dinner tonight. Chopped onion, soften in oil. I defrosted a couple of Quorn fillets in the microwave, cut them into small pieces and added them to the onions. Throw in a handful of frozen mushrooms. Then add carrot and parsnip, and chopped Brussels Sprouts, and a tin of chick peas, and chopped spinach. Add water and orange juice, season with vegetable granules and half a packet of Korma curry sauce mix. Simmer on a low heat for 15 minutes.

It tastes bloomin lovely. Plenty left for tomorrow. Can be eaten with rice, pasta, couscous, bread, or a jacket potato. I ate it on it's own. A filling meal cooked in one pan.

One email with three rejections came through today from Ferens Art Gallery. It seems they didn't think my pictures were good enough to hang in their Open Exhibition.

Thank you for your submission to this year’s Open Exhibition.
Unfortunately on this occasion your submission has not been selected for this year's exhibition - Octopuses Garden

Unfortunately on this occasion your submission has not been selected for this year's exhibition - Shapes

Unfortunately on this occasion your submission has not been selected for this year's exhibition - Beach Huts

Oh well, bit disappointed, never mind. They obviously have no idea what a work of art looks like, and wouldn't recognize a talented artist even if they fell over one in the street. My work is too good for that place anyway. They needn't come begging me to apply next year  :o)

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. I have a spiraliser too a simple one like yours. As you say the Art gallery wouldn't know an artist if it came up an bit them on the bottom. Keep applying 2018 is your year!

  2. No they obviously don’t recognise a talented artist when they see one. Their loss.
    Ps hearts are on the tree- we love them xxxx

  3. Dinner looks lovely Ilona x And as for your artwork it is first class and their loss x

  4. I thinl< it's ridiculous not to ''select'' your artwork Ilona.I especially loved the ''Octopuses Garden''.You mustn't get dispondant-I know you won't-it's their loss.I'm sure their visitors would have loved the cheery faces of your octopussy family.You could take a bigger family back next year.Oddly I've just made a pot of something similar to yours-chick peas,carrots,sliced Brussels but with brown rice & 2 eggs cooked on top-weird ! x

  5. I love my spiral gizmo that is just like yours. We grow zucchini over summer and turn it into 'spaghetti' to have with bolognese sauce and such. I love your art work Ilona. The trouble is that you are ahead of the times. You turn unwanted materials into a feast for the eyes. This is a rare thing these days. As I type this I am reminded of my daughter who entered a piece in an art exhibit and was asked to write about the piece. She asked 'what can I call it', 'what can I say about it'? I said call it something obscure and write something deep and meaningful that no one understands. Sure enough, it got accepted.

  6. Raymond nicholson.19 December 2017 at 20:52

    Your artwork is Brill Ilona, some of the pieces on display in ferens and other gallerys are crap and look like a child did them.

  7. Oh that meal looks lovely.Im going to note down the ingredients and make that my self cause one of my Grandaughters is veggy and she will be here over Christmas It looks a quick meal to rustle up.Im always looking at different ways to serve veg and your spiraliser looks brilliant.Im always wary about buying these sort of things cause some ive bought have been useless.But if you think its great,well that good enough recomendation for me!!.Where are they from and are they expensive?.Debi,xx

    1. They are brilliant. £1.99 in the Range snd some big Tescos. No need to have one of those big cluttersome things taking up space. I have a really small kitchen and little storage so this type suits me. I mainly do carrots and chunky ones are the best. Courgettes are nice for stir fry.

  8. Shame about your art work...but its their loss...And after all,you have your own Art Exibition on here and we all love your work!!,Debi,xx

  9. Sorry you didn’t get accepted in the Ferens Open Exhibiition. I think these open submissions are a complete lottery and it’s an utter travesty that you pay to be rejected and end up subsidising the sucessful. Kristel

  10. Art is subjective and open to individual interpretation, that's why it is 'art'. All entries should be admitted.


  11. Ha! their loss. You could have given them some good publicity too.
    I have never used a spiraliser. I know people used spiralised veg instead of pasta, but it wouldn't fill me up!

  12. I had to smile when I saw your first photograph of the green specializer. I have a smaller version in red, only mine is for shaving bits off candles so that they will fit the candlestick of your choice. Thought you were using one of those, ha ha! Jean.

  13. You get points for trying! Your art is fabulous, don’t take rejection personally.

  14. Oh! I love 'Beach Huts!' These exhibition people clearly have no taste.
    Sandi in Oklahoma

  15. Their loss, Ilona. A shame that other's won't got to see them though.
    J x

  16. Clearly they have no taste! My daughter is about to graduate from Art College and I know I may be biassed but she is so talented and her art is incredible. She has been rejected by every exhibition she has applied to. She did, however, have a member of the public buy one of her pieces at the end of first year exhibition so she knows to keep trying - bless her. Every rejection breaks my heart. Apparently they go for weird and unidentifiable artwork, so perhaps you ought to throw some paint onto a canvas and call it Octopuses' Garden! Keep going for it!

  17. Love your art, myself. Must be those nutters rejecting it have fallen off the Pumpkin Wagon and hit their heads (grin). What sometimes passess for art amazes me ...(a single slash of paint/something which looks like one just poured on a couple cups of paint and so forth).. Ah well, their loss.


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