Tuesday, 23 January 2018

No, not that way, this way.

Hello. We don't get a lot of traffic in my village, there is a rush to get to work in the morning and it's not quite as busy later on in the day as they all come home at different times. The parents drop their kiddywinks off at school just before 9am, and they all line up along the side of the road in the afternoon to pick them up. Then the school bus comes through to take the big kids to the big school a couple of miles away. 
This week there is no traffic in the centre of the village, and it's bliss. All traffic has been diverted around the obstruction. There are some though who take no notice of the signs, and carry on, until they can go no further. Are they blind, did they not notice the signs, or do they think they are not meant for them. I watch as they find they have to reverse back to the last junction they passed. 
Seems straight forward to me, turn left because you can't get through if you turn right.
The road ahead is closed, you can't get through, turn round and go back.

Aha, here is the blockage. A big hole in the road. Laying new pipes. It's for the super broadband.

That's right, to go round you must go that way. I live quite close to the centre and it's lovely now it's traffic free. Not for long though, as soon as the job's done it will be open again, about five days they say. I asked the man if they could make it last six months, ha ha.

It's that darn cat again, wanting to get a closer look at what I am doing. I have an idea for a project in the garden, most of the work can be done inside, so I thought I'd make a start. This is a roll of re enforced plastic, very strong, it's got thread embedded into it, an offcut which I claimed from the Scrapstore when it closed down. I need to measure a seven foot length and cut it off. Then I want to divide the piece into strips, I can get four strips out of each piece. Will probably need two maybe three pieces giving me eight or twelve strips. Not sure yet.

I don't know what this is but I saw it laid on a pile of rubble outside a house renovation. Hmmm, interesting. It's a piece of scrap plastic, I can see a use for it. Look at those perfectly formed triangles, it would make a wonderful template to put fancy edging onto fabric or a painting project. I managed to separate the two sides down the middle with a large pair of scissors.

Now it's time to get my coat on and toddle off to see Tina cat. It's unusually warm here. I got some new books from the library today so I'll take one and sit with her for half an hour.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. I think that is beading, used in plastering or rendering wall corners, you are so clever at using unusual things to make works of art, I would love to be that creative!

  2. Was really pleased to inform you that you plaster over it on a corner but Chrissie already said lol
    Anyway your village looks posh !!!

  3. I am very sure you find a wonderful use for your new treasure. Your ideas always amaze me. I have a doctor where I work in his early 70’s. I keep telling him I would love to retire at 55. He always asks what would you do with your time?? I think of things like your blog and say anything I want to do 😊😊 love how you enjoy your days. I am sure each day flies by for you.

  4. Is the DIVERSION sign the equivalent of our DETOUR sign in US?

  5. Enjoy your traffic free village as long as you can. I remember when similar happened here we appreciated the birdsong and the wind in the trees that we hadn’t noticed so much before. I love an inquisitive cat. :)

  6. That reminds me of Meccano Ilona.My mum said it was for boys.I didn't want dolls x

  7. Ha ha! Your pussy cat isn't just curious, she's Helping. Mine always help me when I cut fabric patterns out on the floor. Sometimes they sit on it to hold it in place, sometimes they go to sleep on it to show their approval, and sometimes flick it up, because it's fun. They want to take an interest in your world and help you like you help them. Ha ha!