Saturday, 26 October 2013

More stuff

I've just had a couple of glasses of wine and I am yawning my head off. That's what alcohol does to me these days, sends me to sleep. Party animal I am no more. Mind you I have had a busy day, I've done four dog walks, for friends who are a little bit incapacitated at the moment. My elderly friend had a fall, and can't walk very well, so I am taking Bailey the poodle out for her. There's Lady to walk, while my friend gets over his op, and the little terrier from up the road gets a walk as well. All that fresh air is doing me good and keeping me fit.
Anyway, what else did I get from the house clearance skip. This rail for hanging garments comes in four pieces. It will come in handy for when we do car boot sales and want to sell clothing. Easy to assemble and very sturdy.   
Look at this, 75 metres of hose pipe, brand new, originally cost £20. It was bought as an irrigation system for outdoor pot plants. Not that I need a hose pipe, I thought I would try and think of another idea for it, maybe an arty sculpture for the garden. Think outside the box, it's not just a hose pipe.

Lots of plastic bowls. Useful for collecting rainwater for flushing the toilet. Some of them have holes drilled in the bottom though, so they can be used as planters. Or maybe I can make a sculpture out of these as well, ha ha.

Boxes and boxes of books. We can sell these to raise funds for our cat rescue. There are also picture frames, photo albums, a chess set, some paper plates. and an air bed. I might keep the air bed, because the one I have got which is identical to this one, is ancient and has sprung a leak. A good haul I think.

I had a surprise visit today from some lovely friends. They sold up in our village and went to live in Spain for a while. Then they went to Canada, now back here to visit, then off to Spain for a month, and back to Canada for Christmas and New Year, and eventually settling in Norfolk early next year. It was great to have a catch up with them, a lovely surprise that they dropped in to see me. Hopefully I will be going to visit them in the spring when they have finished their globe trotting. Something to look forward to.

Have a nice Sunday. Don't think the weather forecast is too good, batten down the hatches I think.
Toodle pip.


  1. Oh Oh , thanks for the reminder, I had completely forgotten about the clocks. You got a really good haul there.

  2. Ilona - you could probably sell the hose pipe to a contractor or plumber - it looks unused!
    Ann G

  3. Don't you just love a skip full of useable items, wish I'd been there. lol

  4. That clothe rail is just like the ones we use at work. Metal tubing, but very strong. That`s a brilliant find, as those rails are usually very expensive to buy. How nice for you that you had friends calling round.

  5. What a brilliant haul, lots of useful things and some good saleable things too. The things folk throw away!!

    1. There isn't always enough time for out of town relatives to sort through things and call for free cycle or thrift store pickups espceially if the relative became suddenly ill and had to move. It's sad when that happens.
      Beverley in Calif.

  6. Glad you got a good haul. Shame they couldn't have free-cycled some of those items before ordering the skip. Hate to think of useful things going to landfill. Deb

  7. The red washing up bowl is just what I need, pity you are not nearer! And I'd like to have a fish about in those boxes of books.
    What a fantastic haul of useful things

  8. I could use that irrigation tubing....wish I could find a whole roll like that...Lucky you Ilona!!


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