Thursday, 24 October 2013

Nature's works of art

Things I have spotted while walking about the village. I like to keep my eyes open and my camera in my pocket, just in case I see anything of interest. Just look at these beautiful fungi. Is that the right word, or are they mushrooms, I'm just guessing, I don't know what they are called. Natures works of art, aren't they lovely.   

 We have an abundance of red berries around here. It's lovely to see a splash of colour.

 Red leaves as well.

 This tree has got almost no leaves left, but has huge bunches of berries weighing the branches down.

Bet you want to know what I had for my lunch today, don't you, go on ask me. Oh alright then, I'll tell you. two scrambled eggs 33p, packet of noodles 12p, the last bit of an iceberg lettuce, about 10p. Add that up, 55p, that will do. I needed to go for a walk after that, phew, it was very filling.

I've been thinking about what my next crafting project will be. I could be getting the patchwork bug, I might make some cushion covers, to replace my rather boring ones. Hmmm, will think about it.
Toodle pip.


  1. What gorgeous photographs - you certainly have a good eye for a picture - thank you for sharing them with us xx

  2. Hello Ilona from Housefairy
    My the quilt does look so lovely. I was rushing out this morning so did not get the chance to complement you on all that sewing.

    Do you knit or crochet? I am crocheting 12" squares for another blanket. My third. Got to keep crafting
    I give away my crafts, to generous for my own good!
    It happened with the ladies cardigans too! I thought I would knit a lilac one. Very quickly it was " how lovely, please make one for me!" = goodbye cardigan. Then I made a bluebell blue one the same. You have guessed it! goodbye number 2. The third was in a coral colour and I managed to keep it :).

    I thought I would copy your idea ,of marking all the tins and packets with price paid in black marker pen.
    Husband was quick to say " she is playing shop keeper now" and "wait till our daaughter see's" she is on holiday right now. What sport for others eh!

  3. Love your photos!! Have a good day :)

  4. Such a good crop of berries signifies a harsh winter, so 'they' say. Great photos.

  5. How right you are Ilona, there's nothing to match nature, that's why I love sewing and embroidering it so much.
    Hope you got your fix with the chap on George Clarkes Amazing Spaces last night, I remember how you liked him last time . lol

  6. It's addictive have been warned ha ha

  7. These photos are great! I love all the changes each season brings. Although the same changes happen year in, year out, Mother Nature never fails to amaze me.


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