Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Nature is flippin amazing

We were let off lightly with the storms, they didn't get this far north. We had some rain and some wind, but nothing more than a blustery wet morning yesterday. Today the sun has been out though the temperature has dropped so there is a chill in the breeze. A vigorous walk soon warms me through.
Remember these mushroomy things, posted the other day. I thought they looked pretty amazing then.......
but look at them now. Flippin amazingly fantastic.
 Aren't they absolutely beautiful. There used to be a tree in this spot but it was cut down.
Talking of trees, have you seen a tree devour an iron fence? This one is in my neighbours garden. The fence enters the trunk here.......

and comes out here on the other side. No the fence hasn't been cut to fit around the tree, it actually goes through the middle of it. Fascinating.

I went to the craft club yesterday and made a start on another patchwork project. I like contrasting colours so chose these two, I think they go together very well. I did a row of six squares, then started on another row. I realised that I had sewn the stripes the wrong way round, so I had to join it like this so all the stripes will be going in the same direction. Now I need to make five rows of five, and make sure I get the stripes right.
Thank you to Elaine in the USA for sending me this pretty piece of fabric, and a little booklet with a sunflower story in it. The colours are lovely.

Talking of sunflowers, I have taken all mine down today. They were looking scraggy after a battering from the wind. It looks a bit bare at the side of the garage now. All the big flower heads are saved and will be left to dry out. The birds might get them, or I might try and extract the seeds for myself. If it is a faffy job I might not bother.

I've got more books to read from the library, and more sewing to do, so plenty to keep me busy. I need to go shopping soon as foods stocks are getting a bit low, also need some cat food.
Tatty byes folks, catch you tomorrow, and thank you for the nice emails you are sending.


  1. Hi Ilona, thanks for the cool photos. Just would like to say that if the sunflower seeds are ready to harvest, they should pop out when you rub the head over a bowl. If they are not quite ready, you can hang them upside down to dry, with a bag over each head to catch the seeds. Just don't use a plastic bag or the seeds will get moldy. If you want to eat them you should roast them in the oven at medium heat. Lots of recipes on the web for that. Good eating, especially on salads.

  2. Hi Ilona. I have just stumbled on your blog and absolutely love it. So down to earth with fantastic advice and tips and your videos are lovely. Loved watching your kitties and your little chats, really made me smile. Have never commented on blogs I read but just had to on yours, such a lovely lady. Will keep reading through now and will drop in each day to see what you are up to. Thank you for a great blog (the best).
    Val in Lancashire.

  3. Wonderful pictures of the trees and fungi Ilona, yes I agree with you nature is so amazing.
    I have just got the book 'A different kind of courage' from the library and am enjoying reading it, so thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Hi Ilona!
    Your new quilt looks fabulous already! My mum is an accomplished sewer but I'm not very skilled. Having recently come across your blog-reading all the archives as we speak!-I've been inspired to try some sewing. I'm going to make a bag like your pattern- or attempt too atleast! I've definitely put making a patchwork quilt on my bucket list. I'm half your age, I'm hoping I've maybe another 50 years to get it sewn!

  5. The fungi (no idea what their real name is) are beautiful...you wouldn't know they were the same would you?!
    Jane x

  6. That is a fantastic bunch of fungi!!! Great photos, Ilona.

    Glad the you didn't get the storm.

  7. Love the tree growing round the fence, and yes those fungi are amazing. I love that nature claims back old stumps etc for growing other things.

  8. Oh,i have just read this blog!!..Of course you must know about sunflower seeds...Sorry,i was telling you about my one that grew into a beautiful plant.This is what happens when i am reading through all your posts cause you have altered my life!!,Best Wishes,Debi,Leic,x


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