Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Change of routine

Hello. I was up with the lark this morning, full of the joys of erm...winter. I think I even beat the lark, didn't see one. Me and Mayze have a cuddle before I get up, she gets in the bed with me. I stretch my arm out so she can rest her head on it, I whisper sweet nothings in her ear and tickle her tummy. A perfect way to start the day.....at 4.30am. 
I got up and wrapped a fleecy dressing gown around me and went down to make a coffee. Heidi was up and wanted to go outside, but I said no, too early. I took the coffee back to bed, with a crafting book and my doodle/notebook. Had some ideas I wanted to make notes about. Then we cuddled, and I got up. It was still early and I felt in the mood to go out and walk the streets. A quick snack of bran flakes and a banana, I can't walk on an empty stomach or I will go all wobbly, and at 6.30am I had my boots on and I was off. 
It was lovely and fresh, not cold, not frosty, not raining, just right. I saw dog walkers, and a girl arrived at the paper shop on her bike with a splendid trailer on the back of it. She was well lit up with a head torch and a light on her clothing, ready to do her paper round. I asked her if she had made her trailer, she said no, she was going to but then her dad stepped in and made it for her. 
Lights were going on, people getting up for work, more quick dog walks, two ladies dressed in walking gear and trainers, people coming back from the night shift. My neighbour across the road came back just after six, and took their dog out before he went to bed. I was back in for 7.30am, and I've just had beans on toast. 
I like to have a change of routine now and again, it keeps the mind sharp. Doing the same thing day in day out, week in and week out numbs the senses. It's a good idea to give yourself a sharp prod to remind yourself not to waste the whole day wandering around in a dream. Once I've done this I am going to get on with a new idea for an artwork that is developing in my head. 
I found someone filling a skip last week with the contents of their garage. I was in two minds whether to take my car round there and rescue some stuff, but you will be pleased to know I managed to quell the urge. I did however spot these two packs of brand new screws, too good to leave there. 
The bad news is, I've seen another skip, they are rebuilding the Bowls Clubhouse, and the roof is going on. There are some really useful pieces of timber in there. I might have to drive round to the mobile library this afternoon, and make a detour and possibly pick a few of the best pieces out, would be a shame to leave them.

Still not been shopping, keep putting it off. Might go later. Hair needs cutting, it's getting on my nerves. Need to sort out my car insurance, I see it has gone up again.

I'm off. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Ugh . .such waste, why not donate those packets of screws to Habitat? freecycle? instead of chucking them out. Sigh, good on you to save them from the landfill.

  2. Good morning, Your morning sounds very similar to mine. Up at 5, turn on coffee maker, take coffee back in bedroom and cuddle with sweet Minerva, wake up slowly and take some quiet time before starting the day.

  3. I think that you are right and that it is good to shake up our routine sometimes. A regular and steady routine can become such a comfortable rut. We risk missing out on whatever life has to offer that is outside of our usual day-to-day life. I love my routines and keeping my life simple. However there is a line between being pleasantly comfortable and being bored. New ideas, new explorations, going new and different places, these stretch the mind and do us good. Boredom (lack of stimulation) can lead us down a path of rumination and sadness. At every age it is important to find a balance that keeps us both comfortable and engaged in life. Patricia, Canada

    1. Thanks for your comment "Boredom (lack of stimulation)". My father's mantra when we said we were bored,(we seemed to feel bored a lot!) was to say "Only boring people get bored" and then to go on doing his thing and keep ignoring his kids. Sure it makes you learn to entertain yourself but also teaches you to over-stimulate yourself and not be content with the moment. I haven't seen that connection before.

  4. I tried to sleep in this morning, opposite of you. We had snow plows at 2:30 AM. It never fails. I walked with my walking buddies, and dog, Roxy, and just finished my bowl of bran and soy milk. I won’t be Food shopping since my husband has been laid off so i’ll find something to do around the house. I’m deconstructing a sweater to make dryer balls so maybe i’ll work on that.
    Good for you, saving nuts and screws! People are lazy not to take the useable things out to donate.

  5. I do like to have a nice early start every now and then, it makes the day seem lovely and long and I seem to achieve so much more .... but 4.30am is too early even for me!!

    Fancy throwing away perfectly good unopened packets of screws ... more money than sense some folk ☹

  6. It's been damp and dull here today but I did manage to get up at 8.00 after 3 trips to the bathroom during the night. My daughter came round at about 11.30 and we went shopping quite a few yellow stickers in M & S must have been in there at the right time no other food shops nearby and I find a lot of Marks food is just as cheap as Other supermarkets you just have to be selectful and even with out of date food it still lasts ages.
    Good finds with the skips and like others have said new things would be acceptable at the charity shops. Look forward to seeing what your artwork will be thus time Ilona.
    Hazel c uk

  7. I agree that it's good to shake up our routine now and again - I enjoy an early morning walk but at the moment there is just too much ice and snow I'm afraid. We are to have a few days of above freezing weather after 4 weeks of arctic conditions so I plan on getting out for a good long walk on Wednesday and Thursday this week. In the meantime I'm working my way through a whole bunch of little jobs around the house - all those odds & sods that we keep putting off! It's a way to ease back into things after the holidays.
    Good for you for taking those packs of screws - why wouldn't they just fill a box of useful things like that and put it at the front saying "Help yourself" instead of tossing it in the garbage!

  8. Had enough of getting up at 4-00am six mornings a week when I was a Postie. Like a lie in now.

  9. It's mind-blowing what people throw away (in our throw-away society)! I take everything that is still of any use to the charity shop. I always think of our wasteful ways and of the garbage piles that we produce, which are getting bigger and bigger.
    I like the idea of a very early morning walk. It's nice to see the world wake up.

  10. My house is so cold first thing that I'm reluctant to get up too early.The dogs have a quick trip in the garden & hurry back on the bed.Lily is so lazy I have a job to get her out of bed,but once she's up she's off- things to do & I follow x

  11. Wow, good of you to retrieve usable stuff. You're right about changing things up and the extra stimulation. This year, I'm organizing experiences rather than stuff. My house is clutter-free and with no pet at the moment, I can come and go easily. I hope you enjoyed your day.

  12. My husband absolutely loves skip diving, he always makes sure he asks first. 9 times out of 10 he will find something useful! He once managed to get some skirting board that we really needed and saved us a bunch of money :) He’s had all sorts, packs of unopened laminate flooring too!
    I’ve recently discovered “freebay” in our local area. Worth a look if you’re on FB

  13. Thanks Ilona x you inspired me to leave my housework and get out early. I really enjoyed it xx

  14. thank you ilona for all your very good advice - reading your blog i am into yellow stickers and yes it does save money. like you i love my kitties heidi looks like my rescue cat amy and is adorable. xxxxliz.


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