Tuesday 24 July 2018

Another hobby

There is no end to this hotness. I must say, it saves on the washing because around the house I wear minimum clothes. I feel sorry for the people caught up in the fires in Greece, everyone is desperate for rain at the moment. I haven't heard any more about the fires in Yorkshire here in the UK, so I presume they must have got them under control. There are some very brave people working for the emergency services in appalling conditions all over the world.

Yesterday morning I presented my talk to the members of Probus (Professional and Business) people, in the local pub. I was pleased to see that Bob, our very helpful newcomer in the village, brought Geoff with him, our 90 something well regarded war veteran.

Seemed strange to start the week with that, I had to give the Crafty Club a miss. We started off with coffee and cake, good start, the gentlemen, (yes all men), were all ears as I rattled on about my brilliant life on a pension. I skipped past a lot of arts and crafts, men are not interested in sewing, and told them about my money saving tips, the summerhouse, and my walking trips.

It all went down very well, and I was asked if I could go back at a later date with more stories. As time was limited, I can never get everything into a 45 minutes slot, it would be a good idea to go back to fill in the gaps. I could probably split the topics up into three or four separate talks, looking more closely at each one.

No more talks booked at the moment, but you never know, the phone might ring, or an email might appear. I don't go looking for bookings, I'll do them if I am asked, and available. I don't need to do more, it's just a hobby.

Looks like another hot one today. My walking is done later on at night, it's still hot at 9pm, but it's impossible to walk earlier, I would rather stay in the shade.

Next job, framing a picture.  ilona


  1. Hi Ilona, I wish I could send some of our rain to you. It’s been raining here almost non- stop for two weeks. I mostly enjoy winter but am a bit fed up with cold dark mornings and nights which give me no inspiration to get out of bed early and walk before work. I don’t like the extreme heat either and really feel for you as it must seem never ending. Good on you for heading out at 9.00 pm. Lisa W. Tasmania, Australia.

  2. We are walking our dogs after 9pm because of the heat. Lots of people at the park with children and dogs at this time around here.We are definitely saving on the tumble dryer this weather as everything is dry and aired in a couple of hours. All the best xxx

  3. I'd love to hear one of your talks - they must be so interesting. And I agree with you, shade is the best in this sort of weather. xx

  4. Is it possible to have one of your future talks on You Tube?

    1. That would be difficult. I would have to get someone holding the camera and following me around, I move about a lot. They last about 45 minutes, it would take ages to load up to yoootooob.

      Being filmed for TV is a different matter, there is lots of stopping and starting, lots of takes, and do it again. To do 45 minutes straight off would put too much pressure on me. My talk would not be the same as when there is no camera there.

  5. We've got a heavy rainstorm happening at the moment - Monday was dry but it poured all day Sunday so that helped as it has been so, so hot - up to 38C today. We have some terrible forest fires in Northern Ontario and even more out in BC at the moment so it is becoming a world-wide problem.
    I belong to a group here called Probes but ours is a social group geared towards those 55 and up and it has many chapters and offers a lot of activities. We meet once a month for our group meeting and always have a speaker. I bet they really enjoyed your talk - good for you!

  6. Thank you Ilona for sharing your life with us. I think you are such a remarkable person. Always so busy. If it’s raining to day i’ll Do this if not I will go out and build that lol. You truly know what life is all about.

  7. Thank goodness we have now had two days of rain in Essex. The garden breathed a sigh of relief. I love a bit of sunshine but the heat was too much. And Donald Trump says global warming doesn’t exist!


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