Wednesday 25 July 2018

Learning as I am working

I am sitting here making some felted flowers to add to the picture I made on Saturday, while watching yootoob videos. Learn while I work. I put in 'First art exhibition', in the search box and it came up with several videos from artist Rafi. He is a hoot, explains everything in great detail, clear speaking and fun. He covers all aspects of selling art in different locations.

If anyone is contemplating taking a stall at an event, his tips and advice can be adapted to suit all traders, whatever you are selling. This one is about selling outdoors in your own pop up booth, gazebo, or market stall. Can even be adapted to selling at a car boot sale.

Have a listen, but I will mention that I find the interruptions from the person in the background a tad irritating. I'll leave it with you while I carry on with felting, and watching, and listening.


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  1. What a great idea! I attended a big outdoor art festival here in Toronto a couple of weeks ago and the layout of the stall - the position of the stall and the artist him/herself very much determined whether or not we lingered or just walked past. I will say this - if the artist is busy on their mobile and doesn't even look up as potential clients approach then I just keep on walking. Those that smile and engage - who answer questions about their art are the ones that I'll buy from or at least mention to others.
    You must be getting very excited now about your exhibit! I hope there will be lots of photos.


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