Sunday, 20 October 2019

Singalong Sunday

Let's have a singalong. I was up early and full of beans. Did my walk, three miles, before 7.30am. Had breakfast now the cats want theirs.

I've found a singalong video for you, most should know the words of all the Beatles songs, like I do. See how many you can remember. Click through the perishing ads.
Edit. Just listened through to the end, two advert interruptions, then no more. Very soothing and relaxing. 

Catch you later.  ilona


  1. Any excuse for a good singalong in our house! Thanks for sharing it Ilona. xx

  2. Love the Beatles as I was brought up in Liverpool during the 60's. I still have the albums in the loft, I keep saying I'll sell them before they get ruined.

  3. Lovely rendition of the Beatles music. Thanks for posting.


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