Saturday, 12 March 2016

Bricking it.

Hello. Today magic happened. There was I cleaning up the stack of bricks I had managed to scrounge, thinking I hadn't got enough and still needed more, when my friend Helen (not doggy Helen, another Helen), came round and told me there are 100 bricks going free for collection. Someone she knows is knocking an outhouse down and they want to get rid of the bricks. If I went straight away I could have them. I dropped my tools and went.  
When I got there, it was only three streets away, I found three guys dismantling the brickwork and they were chipping the cement off as they removed them. How wonderful is that, clean bricks no work for me. They loaded 100 onto a trolley and pulled it out into the street and loaded up my car. They then asked if I wanted some more because they had plenty. I thought 100 was enough for one trip, don't want to bust a spring, so I went back for the second load. Then they asked if I wanted more, so I am going back in the morning for a third load. 200 bricks stacked behind the garage, more to come. That's the magic of living in a village when everyone knows somebody who might be able to help.

This is the next raised bed to be dismantled, it's the one next to the summer house. All the wood will have to go. It's served it's purpose when I built it seven years ago, the pallets were the only free wood I could get, now I am going to replace it with free bricks. I like free.

I've just watched the last Mr Selfridge, it was a sad ending when he had to leave the store. Happy that he got his woman though. Lucky Katherine Kelly got to snog Jeremy Piven.

I had a long chat this morning with my computer man Mark, he rang from Australia. He posted a picture on his Facebook page standing next to a truck, he is a volunteer fireman and they put him through his training and test so now he has a truck licence. He is coming on leaps and bounds since he moved out there, he is making a good life for his family.

That's me done for a Saturday night. I'll get off my bum now and do my three miles. Enjoy your Sunday, I hope we have good weather like today. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.


  1. Best of luck with your latest project!

  2. Thats wonderful Ilona, bricks are so expensive.
    Once you've built the raised bed it will be there for ever. Can't wait to see the next step.

  3. The only walking I did today was around the Aldi's and Home Bargains. Have spent most of today gardening and oh boy do my aching muscles know it.

  4. Great good luck on the bricks - and cleaned for you, too!
    (Could have used a Spoiler Alert on Mr. Selfridge...oh well, one less thing to watch online)

  5. Even before your walking, you got a real workout with the bricks. Carrying them even a short distance is hard.

    I am sure that your new brick flower beds will be really lovely.

  6. Fantastic to get those bricks for free well done. Looking forward to seeing your build.

  7. What a great freebie...bricks always come in useful around here...your raised beds are going to be the envy...nice to hear your friend is doing so well...happy Saturday!

  8. Love the bricks! And FREE is great, too! Good for you. :)

  9. What a wonderful find IIona you are going to be busy. Look forward to seeing the finished projects. I must say you are a very tidy person I need you to sort out all my empty garden pots etc, they seem to be everywhere.

    Enjoy Sunday,
    Hazel c uk

    1. I was going to write the very same! JanF

  10. I can't wait to see the end result. Off topic, I am working through your long walks (and very much enjoying them) but the first link to the third walk says "this blog post does not exist". I have now read the third walk but if you can fix it I will go back and read the first link. If not don't worry. I have great admiration for your walking.

  11. Marvellous luck with the bricks. Natalie

  12. We got some free bricks once. We had to tear up a path to get them; put them in the truck; haul it home; empty the truck into a wheelbarrow; take behind the garage and unload. We did this twice. This middle-aged woman had some muscles when she was done! Then, we eventually dragged them 6 hours north to where we live now just to sell them. Eeeesch!! (This was not my decision and i wish we had them back!) So, good for you! I know you'll put them to good use! I can't wait to see what you do!

  13. Well done with your free bricks Ilona, keep us up-to-date with your project, hopefully warmer weather is coming. Amanda

  14. i have been told by many folks that they took all kinds of wood/tree branches etc like you have, and put it at the bottom of their raised beds, then covered with dirt etc. Rots, and eventually adds value to the soil. Would be easier than carting it off.

    even the nails (they said) can be left in, especially if down deep. They eventually rust away and add iron to the soil. Lots of folks buy iron additive for soils.


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