Friday, 4 March 2016

Do you have trouble getting the kids out of bed!

Hello. Thank you for your good wishes regarding Heidi. You can be assured that I will do my best for her. I am coming to terms with the fact that sometimes things happen like this, animals can be born with hereditary conditions just like humans can. She was lucky enough to come into our rescue with her four kittens, I decided to give her a home after the kittens went to their new homes, now it's up to me to look after her . 
This is the chaos at tightwad Towers in the morning. I am the first to stir from my bed, but before I can get the coffee on the go, I have to open the back door and let the kids out. As you can see, the place looks a mess. Rocky has been out for a pee, Bugsy had a quick look outside but soon came back in when the white stuff landed on him, he didn't like that, and Mayze couldn't be bothered and stayed where she was. 
The newspaper is spread around because Bugsy was prone to bringing up his food. That problem is now solved through a change in diet, with smaller portions and more frequent meals. I leave the paper there just in case of accidents. 
Next they demand food, so I serve up a bowl for each of them from the extensive menu available, ha ha. Talk about pampering. I have usually put the bed away by this time, but this morning Mayze absolutely refuses to get up. Bugsy gazes contentedly at the gas fire in the hope of getting a tan.  
Heidi has decided not to join in with the crowd, preferring the quiet of the kitchen. She is still a bit sad, but hopefully she will pick up a bit once the tablets start to kick in. She was camping out in the bath, but now has found a better place in a basket on the worktop. I have had to move my things out of the way to a different part of the kitchen.

Normally they would all go outside for a mooch round, but none of them fancied it this morning. A quick pee for Rocky and straight back in. Don't like this white stuff. You may not be able to see the flakes falling, at this stage they were quite small. 
Half an hour later.....

And an hour later......we all decided to stay indoors.

The snow became quite heavy and I thought the best thing I can do is go to the shops and get a few bits of shopping to make sure I have enough in case we are snowed in. I also needed to go to Tesco to take a phone back for a refund. It turns out that I didn't need a new phone after all, I needed a new sim card, which was sent out in the post from Talk Mobile. I had to ring them up and get the number changed back to the old one, the number that everyone else has in their phone. The man was very helpful and that was a success, but I have lost my contact list so now I am asking everyone to text me so I can start a new list. 
My lunch today, which I have just scoffed. The boiled eggs and spinach came in a little pot from Tesco, 13p instead of £1.25. I have another one for tomorrow's lunch. Tomatoes were 7p for six, instead of 69p. Two kinds of cheese, not yellow sticker, and couscous which I made yesterday. It was chuffin lovely. 
Well the snow has now stopped and it's beginning to melt. I hope we don't get any more. I have been getting on with sewing, the picture is coming along nicely, it shouldn't be too long before it's finished. I am liking the fact that it is smaller than what I usually make, so won't take as much time up. More shopping bags on the production line, using up the roses fabric which was given to me.

I'll get off now, a scruffy little dog is looking at me willing me to get off my bum and take him out. I can't resist that gorgeous face.

Have a nice weekend. Catch up soon. Thanks for popping in.
Toodle pip.


  1. We go to big lengths too at my house to make my cat (pussy Tailor)comfy too. I often wonder if other people go to the same trouble with their animals - yep, you've proved it! Natalie

  2. They look so comfy in that first photo. My husband says that I totally spoil my eight bantam chickens but we all have pets because we love them and want to give them the best life we can.

    Glad we haven't had any snow down South just a quick burst of hail. Your lunch looks lovely.

  3. What great pictures. Dinner looks nice too. Happy walking, I just got caught in the snow too. lol.

  4. Dear Ilona
    We have a cat with an allergic skin reaction who needs steroid injections every three months or so. He adopted us, so we feel it's our duty to care for him - just like with you and Heidi. The steroids will shorten his life too, but we will enjoy his company for as long as he is with us.
    They give us so much joy while they are with us, don't they?
    Best wishes

    1. Same here. Been to the vets again today with ours. In the last 2 weeks I've paid out nearly £100 in vets bills, despite having pet insurance where the excess is £100! She's only 4 and was hand reared by myself after her feral mum left her. Such a shame she's got this awful problem.

  5. We have three rescued cats and two rescued dogs, so our house often looks like yours first thing in the morning. All the critters are fed and their beds fluffed up before we humans get the first cup of coffee. They live like kings, which they all deserve after such a rough, unloving start in life.

    We also have an elderly orange male cat (just turned 17), and like your Bugsy, he needed a change in diet and small, frequent meals this past year to help him keep his food down. I hope our boy looks as good as Bugsy when he's that old.

  6. Just found your blog, really enjoying catching up with everything.
    Hope Heidi gets better. Your fur babies look cute and so comfy in the top picture:).
    Have a nice weekend and stay warm!

  7. Have just caught up on Heidi, poor kitty, this is the trouble with not knowing where your kitties come from. Ours were from Polly the stray and the Dad was feral so I am hoping we don't get too many problems with them
    I do hope Heidi manages to keep going and isn't feeling too bad.
    Luckily we haven't had any snow down here so far, but the rain and wind keeps our lot in. lol

  8. love your four footed friends.

    Your meal looks lovely. In fact, it occurs to me, it could even be termed gourmet, I thought it looked / sounded that good. Maybe you can do up a collection of pictures like above, along with explanation, and make it in to a book to sell? It might do well...You do amazing at good, really good bargains.

  9. Ooh luck pets. They all look so comfy!

  10. Hi I love the look of your lunches and dinners - they always look really healthy. Don't worry about the mess - tomorrow is another day lol and the animals are really happy so that's what matters. Wish we had some snow here but none yet only hailstones the other day - my puppy tried to eat them lolol sally xx

  11. I do hope Heidi is ok. One thing for sure is she will be cared for beautifully by you. It all looks very cosy at your house, very happy kids indeed.

  12. Now that is what I call a cosy, loving home. Absolutely gorgeous photo. I wouldn't even put the bed away, Ilona, looks so comfy and warm to snuggle into when you have minute during the day and the kids obviously love it. Hopefully, little Heidi will feel better soon and will be on the next family photo.
    Have a lovely week~end.

  13. Crikey Ilona, those sleeping arrangements look good - move over cats (and Bugsy)I'm coming round! Keep warm up there, hope Heidi perks up with her treatment, glad the snow hasn't got to the south yet. Warm hugs to you all, Elaine

  14. Mayze has the right idea, all curled up in bed. As soon as I get up in the morning, my cat moves from her spot on top of the comforter right into my spot in the bed. Normally I like to make my bed first thing in the morning, but I don't have the heart to move my furry friend so my bed often goes unmade for half the day.

    I hope that you don't get too much snow even though it looks so beautiful in your yard.

  15. Hi Illona, Just to reassure you. I had 2 cats who the local rescue centre said were 2 years and 6 months old each. They had a terrible virus condition and could never be put into a cattery if I wanted to go on holiday. I was also told they would not last a long time either i.e. less than 2 years. Took them anyway and looked after them and have loved them. One lived to be 10 years old and the other is now 16 years now and still in charge!!!. xxx


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