Thursday, 10 March 2016

The amazing talent of Angelina

Hello. This has landed on my Facebook page, and it just has to be passed on. I am stunned at this little girls talent. Have a listen, then click on some more on the side bar. She does an amazing Unchained Melody.

Blimey, I need to get my dinner, time flies when you are enjoying yourself.
Toodle pip.

Dinner is cooking, I just had to come back and add this video. The first time she went on Norway's Got Talent. How does she sing so beautifully in English when her language is Norwegian! She was seven years old here. She went on to win it.

Toodle pip again.


  1. Oh, my goodness. Her voice made me think of Etta James.

  2. OMG. A person to watch. What a lovely voice. Thank you for cheering me up.

  3. I have been you tubing her. Have you see her with the Nobel Peace prize candidates? Malala in particular. Fantastic.

    I have just been signed off sick for one week but this has cheered me up. god bless you.

    1. Hi. Yes, I saw that video, I can't stop listening to her amazing voice. A very rare talent indeed. That girl has her life mapped out, she doesn't need to do anything else except sing.

  4. From Elaine in Philly: In the USA in the 50's (?), Keeley Smith used to sing "What a Difference..." If there's someplace you can listen to her, this Norwegian girl sounds absolutely identical.

  5. Thanks for the links - I just watched 5 of her video's - what a beautiful voice - reminds me of Amy Winehouse, in looks as well :)

  6. Wow, besides having a beautiful voice, she has an amazing amount of hair for a child and it looks like she has an entire dozen of full blown roses in it too.

  7. What an amazing voice. I too was reminded of Amy Winehouse.


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