Monday, 7 March 2016

Three meals a day.

Hello. It's been a typical Monday here, Crafty Club, dog walk, sewing, library, three mile walk, feeding cats and dog. Good news, Heidi is making improvements, taking more notice of what's going on, and eating normally. Looks like the tablets are working. 
My breakfast this morning was bran flakes, nuts and seeds whizzed in the mini chopper, exotic fruits, and rice milk with plain yogurt. I absolutely love this.  
I bet you are wondering what this yukky stuff is, ha ha. Red cabbage and kale soup made to my own secret recipe. I can't tell you what's in it because I've forgotten already, that's the secret. I won't say it was wonderful, it was very nice but not exceptionally nice. I ate it and it filled me up, all for about 5p.

Now this looks a whole lot better, the usual plate of steamed veggies, just cooked and not mushy. Sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, potato, parsnip, carrots, and peas. Nothing on it, completely nude, can't beat it for taste and flavour. If I could get this kind of meal at a reasonable price in a restaurant or pub, I might be tempted to splash out on a night out.
No I haven't started eating fish again. I bought this bag of white fish for the kitties. It's £2.30 and has quite a lot of pieces in it. It's quick and easy to put a piece on a pyrex lid and microwave it for a minute. All the cats like it, but they don't get it every day, it's a treat.

I don't have to to out and do my walk tonight, because I did it earlier just before dinner. Not a lot to to talk about, so I'll sign off and say goodnight. Thanks for popping in, and we'll catch up tomorrow.
Toodle pip.


  1. hi Ilona -your meals look delish and your soup comments gave me a real LOL moment. So pleased to hear Heidi is improving and hope all the puss cats enjoy the fish . Trust the lovely Rocky will be having his own treat too. best wishes from onlyjo

  2. Glad Heidi is improving, I bet the kitties enjoy their treat! X

  3. Can you say why you chop the bran flakes? Also the nuts and seeds?

    Apart from the nuts you don't seem to have a big source of protein for the day, do you eat more protein on other days and reckon it up over the week. Also I'm wondering what other sources of protein you have, I don't think I have enough with not eating meat or fish.

    Glad to read that Heidi is improving so well. How's Rocky?

    1. I was wondering about the Protein as well? I'm the same age as Ilona,and i have to have quite a bit of protein,or else I'm really hungry!

    2. Hello Phyllis. I started writing a reply here, but then decided to make a fresh post of it, so if you check out today's post, (Tuesday)you will find some answers.

      Rocky is fine, we both enjoy our short walks, me to chat to the neighbours and litter pick, him to sniff his doggy smells in the grass verges.

  4. So happy to hear Heidi is feeling better - hooray for helpful tablets and a kitty with an appetite for life :)

  5. You are like me - I spend a lot more on a meal for my cat than I do for myself! shame they don't do yellow labels on catfood.

  6. Hi Ilona, your meals look similar to the sort of thing I'm eating. I'm on my 2nd day of the 8 week blood sugar diet in an attempt to reverse my diabetes - 800 cals a day for 8 weeks. The way you eat is obviously why you're so healthy! Glad Heidi has picked up.

  7. I love that plateful of naked veg. I would be more than happy to eat that. As for your secret soup...I make those too. Sometimes they are so secret that i have forgotten what I added by the time it is cooked. Must admit that I will eat pretty much anything and am more than happy to eat even the culinary disasters on the grounds that I will never cook that again.

  8. Although I eat meat now I used to be vegetarian (a long story!) and didn't have any concerns about a balanced diet. I admire the ethics and self discipline of vegans but I do think that they have to be more careful. Nevertheless as that athlete bloke proves it isn't impossible to remain healthy. xx


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