Friday, 7 May 2021

Eight of the best. (Edited)

Eight out of 26 photo's taken last night of the sunset. I went to Home Bargains to stock up on cat food, it was 8pm when I came out. I thought there might be a nice sunset and it might be a good idea to hang about while it developed. I drove around looking for a good viewpoint. There is a lane at the back of the Industrial Estate. 
I sat in my car and watched it, waiting for the moment. In my line of vision is a Power Station, belching forth steam from the cooling towers. It drifted in the breeze for a short distance then disappeared. A heavy dark cloud hung low over the sun making it even more dramatic. I tried different positions and zoomed in a bit.
At 5.30pm today. A different picture.

The background is fuzzy as it focussed on the pylon and turbines. 

Getting darker now. 

I walked past this spot today, it was 5.30pm. What a difference three hours make. 

I rang the camera shop this morning and the nice man talked me through how to alter the settings. I hope the videos will load much quicker now. 
I finished the green floral bag this morning, the one I showed on the video. Now I am going out for a walk. I got caught in a massive thunderstorm yesterday. Thunder, lightening, hailstones, the lot. It was quite exciting. 
Thanks for popping in, Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. Great photos,very dramatic.Its worth hanging about to get photos like that.It been a lovely day here in Leicester,made even better with my youngest grandaughter passing her theory test...what you have to do before you can take a driving test these days.Just another way of getting more money out of us,so Im pleased that she passed it on her first attempt.Ive got nothing much planned for the weekend.Just taking my Mam a walk around the new posh housing estate thats been built ...My Mams idea,not mine,lol...then our weekly 60s music party night! Hope that you have a great weekend,xx

  2. Oh dear, thunder lightning and hailstones are exciting? I had to laugh at that :))

  3. Thank for fantastic pictures, congratulations, greetings from anna

  4. Great photos!! Did the hailstones hurt?? Ouch..

  5. Love the photos Ilona. I was wondering what cat food you buy at Home Bargains? I have been buying the Webbox naturals for mine from there but seems to upset his stomach. Any recommendations welcome.

    1. Hello Pat. I haven't tried the Webbox. I get Whiskas, As Good as it Looks, Sheba, and Felix. Any or all of those. I get dry Whiskas, dry Perfect Fit, or any other better ones, (not cheap dry). Cats are so fussy it's a matter of trial and error.

    2. Yes my cat is 12 and only recently have foods not been agreeing with him, perhaps a trip to the vet is in order. Thank you Ilona.

  6. Lovely photos. Have just watched your yoootoooob vid, really enjoyed seeing M-cat - she's got beautiful colouring.


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