Thursday, 13 May 2021

Making stuff.

Good morning. It's sunny outside, I hope it is here to stay. I found a piece of rope in a drawer that I don't go in very often. 
So I turned it into a bowl, with some green wool. I have two more pieces but I shall use them later . I want to move on to something else now. 
Cutting out five shopping bags. The easiest way is to lay the massive piece of fabric on the floor. I have a template cut out of thick wallpaper. No measuring, just cut the fabric round it. Trim some off the top to make the handles. These are all finished now. They will be on my table when we do the Village Boot fair. 
Might get a walk in this afternoon if it stays fine. Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Hi Ilona. I've been going through my stash of material and wool to clear my cupboards, and it's surprising how many bags, cushions, mug/plant mats, banners and knitted hats and baby clothes I've managed to make for our local school fair to raise money for books. It's great to see stuff that's been lying around for years turned into something useful and pretty, and it's great to see my cupboards tidy for a change. I just hope we'll be able to have the fair soon.

  2. Hi Ilona, I love making shopping bags - I haven't bought one single plastic carrier bag since first seeing your video on how to make your own. Today I'm making reusable kitchen towels out of some old T-shirts and stuff. I know I could just cut them up into squares but it's fun to make them look nice. Cleaning seems less like a chore if I have pretty things to work with! 😅 Plus it's a rainy old day so it passes the time! I like the fabric you've used for your bags, it's lovely. 😊

  3. Those bowls are very pretty and handy for putting spare change,keys in ect.The material that your using to make your bags looks lovely and I hope that you sell all of them.Surely by now people are getting the idea of using bags that can be reused forever!.One thought that has just come to me is,will you have to pay much money to have your stall at the car boot?.Hopefully,because you give the money to the cat charity you will get a reduction...I do hope so!xx


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