Tuesday 4 October 2022

A day out at Truckfest

Black and yellow go well together. Smart looking Scania's. 
This one has it's outriggers in position. That's the legs on the back which stabilise the truck while it's lifting heavy weights using the crane on the back. 

Drivers go to town on decorating the back of their truck. It's a pity the artwork won't be seen once its hitched up to a high trailer. Stainless steel stacks are expensive but very popular. 
Think pink. A smart pink fleet. 
Paul Uden is a local company to me. He worked at Rugby Cement as an owner driver at the same time I was there. He left to set up his own fleet. There is a picture of his seven vehicles on his web site. 

Not one of Paul's but a similar paint job. 
Displaying all the different cleaning products that a driver might buy to clean his truck up to show standard. Some of it is quite expensive. 
This colour combination works well. These trucks have come a long way to be here. They probably got a load coming south and parked the trailer in the showground carpark. After the show they will carry on their journey and deliver the load. 
This bonnet tilts forward to show off the mural. 

Now we are getting to the dream machines. W H Malcom is a long established firm. The Scots drivers go to town on their trucks. 
How can you choose a best truck out of these. Impossible. 

Here is a walkabout video of a few trucks. Please excuse the background noise. I did my best to do a short commentary. 

I am supposed to be taking Billy dog out but it's raining. Was just about to walk out of the door and it started. Sitting here with my jacket on waiting for it to stop. 
I got my filling done this morning. I thought it was going to be done last week but the dentist only did a check up. Now it is done. She has made a good job of it. I picked a bit of shopping up while I was at Brigg. Topped up my mobile phone at Tesco. Bought a blue wig for Gloria from a charity shop. Bought a flowery top for her at another charity shop. Put some petrol in the car. Bought cat food from B & M. Got a few food items from Aldi. 
On the way home I was driving through a village when I saw a man walking a small furry animal on a lead. I had to stop and ask what it was. It had a little harness on and was very lively. Had a nice conversation with the man, He told me all about his stoat. A cute little thing. I took some photo's. Will put one here soon when I have finished the truck pics. 
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Those trucks are amazing. I am in Awww 😊

  2. TruckFest started a long time ago. A name given to an event to bring people together. Now the word Fest can be tagged onto anything. Next week we have an AppleFest in one of the villages not far from here. Of course the Beer Fests in Germany are legendary.

  3. Fantastic trucks, fantastic paintwork. I understand it's Truck Driver Appreciation week this week. I'm sure J Troodo in Canada is participating in this.

    Amanda, Sussex.


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