Wednesday, 5 October 2022

The mystery of money. (edited)

So much going on in my life at the moment. Wanting to go out walking, wanting to finish making Gloria, videos to download, emails to reply to. Please be patient if you are waiting. I will get my act together soon. 
I picked this one up last week, I'll slot it in here while I get on with other things. Neil Oliver has quite a following now, he talks so much sense. He uses simple words to make his monologues easy to understand. My simplistic way of looking at how money, especially how the distribution of money works, has helped me over the years. You go out to work and earn money. It gets paid into your bank account. You keep an eye on the balance, watch it go up or down according to how much you spend. Easy. 
Now I find that my money in the bank is just numbers, they don't mean anything. I have given the bank permission to use my money in whatever way they think appropriate. Their business model is far beyond my comprehension. Listen carefully to Neil, he explains some of it. 
Time for breakfast. I'll catch ya later.  ilona 

This is a short piece from a speech made by Godfrey Bloom when he was a member of the European Union. He knows his stuff. Don't trust the banks. 


  1. the problem is that Neil Oliver could be reading a telephone directory and i would still find that voice sexy

  2. Which is why we all should use ethical banking, so we know our money isn't financing anything dubious.


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