Wednesday 5 October 2022

The Exhibition Hall at Truckfest

Here we have what I reckon was the best paint job of the show, but it didn't win a trophy. I'm glad I wasn't on the judging panel, such a lot to choose from. I was talking to the driver, the truck is based in Mid Scotland. He showed me photos of it at work, it was filthy. It must have taken them a week to clean it up to this standard. A lot of the fancy accessories will be removed when it goes back to work. That target lifts off, it covers the fifth wheel which is covered in thick grease.  
I am drooling 😁
I have never seen a white steering column and dashboard before. 
White leather insert in the black leather seats. 

I bet this truck gets a wash every day when it comes back to the yard. 
I spent ages watching the radio controlled model trucks. Such fun. 

Ha ha, this was great fun. They brought a trailer full of sand, tipped it out onto the floor, then used the model trucks and digger machines to load it all back onto the trailer. 

I made a video inside the Exhibition Hall. I will warn you that the background noise is very loud and drowns out a lot of my voice. You might like to mute the video and just watch the pictures. 

Still a few more Truckfest pics to come. See you tomorrow. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. I love that truck you featured. Years ago my husband and I traveled from California to a truck show in Nevada to see my sister's truck which was entered and it won. She and her husband worked for a company that let them enter their truck. There were so many fine looking trucks there.

    1. That's a great story, there are some kind hearted bosses about. Me and my then boyfriend hired a car and drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and back. I was blown away by all the massive trucks I saw.

  2. All the trucks are amazing!!! The interior of those trucks are impressive as well!!! So glad you mother and enjoyed yourself. ☺️

    1. You would have to put your slippers on to get inside the cab. No muddy boots please.


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