Thursday, 3 November 2016

Good news, and other stuff.

Hello. I've got a big smile on my face today, I went for the second part of my free health check at the surgery. My bloods have been checked and all seems well in that department. I weighed in at 59kg (9st 4lbs) and my height is 5'5". The print out says my ideal weight is 8st 13lbs, so I'll have to watch that I don't creep up a bit over winter. My blood pressure is 118/60, and my BMI is 21.67 kg/m. Pulse rate 76 bpm. There are some cholesterol readings, and she did explain to me what they mean, but I am still baffled. Nevertheless she said they are excellent. 
All the information fed into the computer gives a score. My risk of having a heart attack in the next ten years is 7.4%, which is below the score of 10.5% for a healthy person of the same sex, age, and ethnicity. My healthy heart age is 63. The nurse questioned me about diet, alcohol use, and exercise. She said, whatever you are doing, keep on doing it. So, I'm a little bit chuffed. Making an effort is hopefully paying off. 
I've put these two dollies side by side so you can see the size of the latest one. Little Polly dolly is 7.5 inches tall so will be ok for the Christmas tree. She is not bald at the back of her head, and I have put a narrow strip of plastic inside her body and head, and a bit more stuffing, so she isn't floppy. 

She's had some fillers in her lips, ha ha.

I've seen this small lizardy thing in my garden for must be over a year now. Not sure if there is only one, or whether there is a family. It was in a bowl of water outside the back door and I thought it was struggling to get out, so I fished it out. Cute isn't it. I have to be careful when I am walking about in the garden so I don't stand on it. I wonder if it will hibernate. 
Plenty of rocks for it to hide under. It moves very slow, does not run away and is easy to pick up. Off you go little lizard.

I forgot to include this map photo in my walking posts. It isn't very clear, but you can see how I fill in the lines with a marker pen for the different walks. When I check the mileage on I trace out the lines with the mouse on the screen and it gives me a total.

A comment came in from Anon.......

Have you ever thought of collecting all your walking wanders up on a map/travel page? That way, if one was ever able to, they might be interested to duplicate some of your jaunts, and this would make it easier to hunt up the details/links..

Hello Anon. Thank you for your idea. Unfortunately I don't have time to do all that. It's the same reason why I don't write recipes, or give detailed instructions on how to make craft items. I write about quite a lot of topics on my blog, and will cover some of the basics with limited details, but can't spend more time on it, or I would never get anything else done. 

I suggest if anyone has a particular interest in something you goooooglie it, or go on yooootooob. There are specialist web sites/forums/blogs/ videos for just about any topic. Here is one for long distance walking.  And a link for the Ramblers. And the Walking Englishman. 

I've updated the latest mileage figures to come in, thanks for sending them. All is looking good, and I'm pleased to hear that a lot of you are feeling the benefits of regular exercise. keep it up. It's not just for one week, one month, or one year, it's forever. Look after your body.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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  1. Well done Ilona, your exercise and healthy eating is paying off.
    Is that lizardy thing a Newt ?

    1. Hello. Yes, it's a newt. I've just been reading up about them. A newt moves slowly and you can pick it up, a lizard darts about and is difficult to pick up. It should be hibernating soon.

    2. Whew! The reason that little newt is moving slow if from running from all the witches this past Halloween that was running short on Eye of Newt! haha. He's cute but on the ground cute and not in my hand cute. :)

  2. You are an example to us all. Walking is such a good form of exercise that most people can do. Congratulations on such brilliant results.

  3. I think you've got (a) palmate newt(s) in your garden.

  4. Good news about your excellent health checks. I'm told keep doing what I'm doing too. Always better to sit rather than lie down and to stand rather than sit. I never sit for too long. Your dolly with the yellow hair made me laugh out loud - smashing job. Natalie

  5. Yes, your new friend looks like a newt or a salamander. They are slow and rather delicate. I like your yellow hair doll, she looks like she knows how to make one laugh.

  6. I thought it was a newt so googled it but others have beaten me to it. As you say, it says if you can pick it up it is a newt and they hibernate from November until spring. Lovely to have them in your garden. I like the yellow curly hair on the little doll, very cute.

  7. Ilona - Good to know you are in such good health so well done to you. Hopefully we'll get to come over and see you again at the next village fete as we both enjoyed the one this year :)

  8. Glad you are healthy and love those dolls. Not too keen on the the lizardy thing haha, but they are rare so look after them. :)

  9. Your latest doll is fun! A tree ornament indeed! Glad your health is good and hope it stays that way. Your newt is cute and we've had them around here some time ago. I noticed at a gift shop at Multnomah Falls that you can buy pins, like little tacks, you put on your walking/hiking stick to show where you've been. A novel idea! A few years ago we marked our map where we drove on vacation that year. Fun idea. If it's the following year, it's marked in a different color. Take care!

  10. Ilona - my husband spotted a lizard in our garden a couple of weeks' since. Never ever had one before in any home in Yorkshire.

  11. Yes, a newt indeed. My son tried to collect some when he was little, we made a tank with a bit of soil land in it and a pool but they always got out and we'd find them dried up and dead in the house! I am winterising my house, couldn't find any clear shower curtains to insulate the windows but did better and found plastic on a roll, 54"wide just right for my windows, £2.60 a metre, just the job from a curtain stall in the market.

  12. I am not surprised by your good health considering the lifestyle you lead! I am always a little sceptical about weight/height ratio. I am 5'4" and weigh 10st 8lbs yet am a size 10 and people keep telling me how slim I am! Is there such a thing as "heavy bones", do you think?!

  13. Great news about your health check you have the blood pressure of a 20yearold. Love the dolls too.


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