Saturday, 26 November 2016

More free stuff

Hello. It's been foggy here all day, and a bit damp and miserable. I got a call from my friend asking do I want to break up the other two single beds they want to get rid of. I said I would do, after my walk. They came apart quite easily, and now the wood is stashed in my garage. I think I would be the ideal candidate to work in a bed factory now I know how they are assembled, ha ha. 
It's not long now until my friends will be moving, there isn't much left in the house. The furniture removals company are going to do the whole job of packing everything up and transporting it up to Scotland. They are driving one of the cars as well, as my friend is not used to doing long journeys in her own car. 
I was very kindly given a freebie. They bought a posh car four years ago and a cleaning kit came with it. As neither of them wash their cars, it hasn't been used. So now I have everything I need to keep my own car clean. The roads round here are filthy at the moment, what with tractors dragging the mud out of the fields on their massive wheels. It's not worth spending a lot of time on washing cars for them only to get dirty again half an hour down the road. 
This kit will come in useful , though some of it I won't use, so I will donate it to the cat stall at the Christmas Fair next week. 
The new brochure has arrived for the Baths Hall and the Plowright Theatre in town. I've had a flick through it and there's a couple of shows I am interested in. I will have to get them booked early because I like to sit on the front row.

All is well here at Tightwad Towers. Heidi has decided she rather likes snuggling into my dressing gown on the landing carpet, so I have left her there. I have got my old copies of Countryfile magazine out again from 2011. No need to buy new ones, I can't remember what I read five years ago, so these are just fine.

My first Christmas card has arrived, Carol is always the first one I get. Now she has moved I don't know her new address, I'll have to send her a text.

I hope we have a better day weatherwise tomorrow. Whatever you are doing, enjoy your Sunday. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Good freebies, that car stuff is quite pricey I think. I only buy magazines when I see them at the carboot for 20 or 30p.Freecycle is also a good place to get them, have you ever used freecycle? I have had some lovely things from there.

  2. With friends and neighbours like you have it's easy not to spend money isn't it?

    Joan (Wales)

  3. sorry you had a dull day. it was freezing fog here early but cleared up about 10,00am and then it was still very cold but at least it was sunny.

  4. I wondered if you have ever seen this poster on yoo tube He calls himself thetaxidriverj - written exactly like that. He goes on walks all over the country and records them. He has been to some beautiful places. Very interesting videos too. Some free entertainment you might enjoy.

    1. Tank you jenny. I've just had a look at some of them, those in Yorkshire of places I know. I have to say though that I had to give up. A lot of wind noise, and his commentary is is a tad boring, no useful information and stating the obvious.

  5. It was a bit foggy here as well but only in the trees. A bit wet but doable day of being out and picking up my hb gift that's now stashed in the closet. And some food shopping. Wow...lots of wood for you and glad you figured out how to get it apart! Nice freebies of car care for you! So tired right now and hopefully will sleep ok tonight as I'm not taking the cold medicine again! Makes me sick! Happy weekend!

  6. We used to get this card for the people that used to live in the house year after year at Christmas from a lady, I so wished that she had put her address on so we could tell her they had moved. It felt naughty to keep throwing it into the recycling when she had taken the trouble to buy, write and pay to send it, but there was nothing we could do, I think the one year we kept it and put it up just so it could have a use before being destroyed, but it seemed a bit potty to put a strangers card up. It stopped about 10 years after we moved in, id like to think that they eventually told her where they were, rather than shed popped her clogs. :( Julie T

  7. I've got the same cleaning kit in my Skoda. From the state of it you'd never guess! x


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