Tuesday 22 November 2016

Recycle and reuse

Hello. I didn't get to dismantle the beds the other day, it was raining, is it ever going to stop! Well it did stop today and as I was passing my friends house, I noticed she had put two of the beds out on the front lawn. That's handy I thought, so after lunch I took my bag of tools and went round there to attack them. 
I slashed the fabric around the edges with a Stanley knife and unscrewed as much of the wood as I could. The tough bits gave way with a bash from a big hammer.  
I am trying to salvage as much as I can, that blue fabric on the top bed is lovely and ideal for shopping bags. I broke it down to manageable pieces to fit in my car, and will sort it out later. The wood can be separated into useful pieces and put in the garage, aka the wood store.

My friend gave me a bag of smellies, she doesn't like toiletries that are heavily perfumed. I will use anything if it's free. The handwash can be used as shampoo and bath foam, the small soaps I will pass on to Janet to be sold on the cat stall. I will wear the socks.

It was library day today. It has changed from a Monday, because the van parks on the health centre car park and they said it was taking too much room up, so they changed the day to Tuesday because it's closed on a Tuesday afternoon. The bin collection day has changed as well. It used to be on a Monday, now moved to Wednesday, just about getting used to the new routine.

I didn't do a walk yesterday because of the rain. People have been asking what next when we have all finished at the end of the year. I think it would be good to have a new challenge, but I'm not sure what. I will carry on walking and will record my mileage on my calendar, and I hope everyone else will do the same. Keeping healthy and looking after your body is not a one year experiment, it's forever. Come next spring and I hope to be doing more long walks.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. still raining here but its a bit more gentle now. glad you had a bit of dry

  2. The rain was torrential yesterday, today was cold and we had some more rain,but I still managed a little walk. I wouldn't turn a freebie down either.

  3. Monday was a washout here but Tuesday was quite bright most of the time. I to never turn anything away you never know what you might get. Glad you can make use of the bed and look forward to seeing the bags.
    I was so lucky on Saturday in the charity shop I work for. I have been looking for a little black dress ( I never wear black but have to have it for a very special occasion in a couple of weeks time) when a very nice lady came in with a small bag of items and it in was the perfect dress for me, the label was still on it said Size 14 price £19.99 it was short sleeves and came to just below the knee and had a round collar I could not believe my luck, so I asked the manageress to price it and she said £5.00 so I was a very lucky lady.

    Enjoy the day.

  4. You had a good haul Ilona. Last year my neighbour gave us two bags of baby and ordinary shampoo, shower gel and other smellies. I gave the haul of baby shampoo to a friend who had just become a grandmother, and we are using the remainder. Still got around half a dozen bottles of shampoo left (all Avon, which I used to sell).

  5. I too always happy to take what people don't want, people often give us left over food, I am not sure if they feel sorry for us or just happy for it not to be binned. I knit and crochet blankets, beanies, scarves and jumpers for charity and have often been given wool because I usually mention it is for charity. Sometimes the variety of wool is not my first choice but I make an effort to make it into something and then donate.
    I have also received a bundle of travel toiletries from freecycle and and didn't have to buy toiletries for sometime. Not sure why they gave them away and didn't use them themselves. I walk most days and always pick up cans, and anything else which may be useful, if it is not I donate it to one of our thrift shops.


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