Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Update on the Walking Group

Hello. As we are on the last straight towards the end of the Walk 1000 miles in one year challenge, I thought I would give you a condensed update taken from the original list. Click on the link above for the monthly scores. Thank you for updating and sharing your progress. From the original 64 who signed up, 43 are still on the list. I have deleted those who never really got off the ground. I don't like to give up on people too soon, but as I hadn't heard anything from them it added extra time for me to scroll through when updating. I suspect a few more have given up as I haven't heard anything from them since February. Or maybe they are still doing the challenge but just haven't told me.

Anyway, in no particular order, this is the state of play today. We have some who have already passed the 1000 mark, a fantastic effort, well done, you should be proud of yourselves. You can carry on to the end of the year if you like, to give you a grand total for the twelve months, or stop now, it's up to you.

Ilona 890
Ellen Anderson 669
Lisa in Miami 886
Mrs LH 255
Frugal in the Valley 260
Vampire Heart 1153
Hilogene Oltman 567
Simplesista 876
Julie 691
Juhli 135
Janice C 1008
Laura Blackpool 1002 1111
Sue G 606
Hilde 943
Gillie 872
Cherie 827
Helen D 948 km
Shesewsyouknow 347
Jill 1018
Patricia 345
Jules 859
Sally C 808
Sonja 300
Pam 396
VickiEy 957
Amy in Florida 1777 walk/jog/cycl
Hazel 916
Annie 178
Tigerlove 159
Clynnestra 97
Momsav 781
Wanda 113
Lizzie L 247 walk/cycl
Laegalegle 217
Beachcomber 858
Solo Walker 285
Tracy 129
London Livin 271
Ann Ewart 93
Christine Neumann 692
Scarlett 995
Kay Schmitz 354
Wendy 756
Susan q 577

Some of you are so close, you will definitely finish it, possibly during November, but definitely by the end of the year. Don't worry if you are a bit behind, all kinds of things crop up which can knock you back a bit. The fact that you made a start and did your best is all credit to you.

Any challenge you take on will have it's ups and downs, the fact that this started on January the 1st made it more like a New Years Resolution. A burst of enthusiasm and you're all fired up to give it a go. It's just the same as giving up smoking, or trying to lose weight, or spend less, or save for an expensive item like a holiday or wedding.

Everybody has the idea of creating a new start in January, when in fact you can make a start at any time during the year. Telling yourself that you will do such and such, or give up or cut down is the easy part, it's keeping up the momentum that is hard. I have paced myself with this walking challenge, I'm a steady plodder and prefer to chip away at things rather than go hell for leather then experience burn out. Far better to lose a couple of pounds a month over a period of a year, rather than starve yourself for two months, then binge and put all the weight all back on again.

The key to any challenge is how long can you sustain it for. Looking at the long term to achieve the result you want can be daunting, it means you can often lose sight of your goal. Keeping that in your mind and focusing on the new you is imperative. Take your eye off the game and you can slip back down the slope. If this happens, pick yourself up and vow to do better.

A couple of people have asked, what next? It's looking like a new challenge is needed when this one has finished. I am hoping that some of you will be carrying on with your walking for health. I will always find an excuse to get out and walk. I will keep track of my miles by writing it on my calendar, maybe you could do the same.

I have things to do. Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon.
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  1. Keeping track of your "mileage" is a great idea !

  2. My hat is off to everyone who took part. Such a great accomplishment. Well done to you all.

    Joan (Wales)

  3. I'm really enjoying it, Ilona. Even though I consider myself to be reasonably active I have noticed a difference. I think it's being consistent that does the trick. Fingers crossed I make it to 1000. X

  4. Wow! You've all done so well.
    I'm looking forward to what you decide on next year's challenge. I couldn't join you this year because of health problems but I hope to be rehabilitated and ready to go in January.
    -joanie from Michigan

  5. Hey Ilona! Just realised I've not updated for two months!!! But I have kept track. I'll post my scores by the weekend, it's moving day for me today!!

  6. Well done to everyone! And that dear little dog with his teddy..... Natalie

  7. Hi Ilona my miles to date 756. Slowed down over the last couple of weeks my daughter has just had a baby and we are looking after them all so not so easy to get out.

  8. Forgot October miles lol now at 1111 miles to end of October

  9. great that you provided the motivation for so many Ilona

  10. How great that so many are still walking! I doubt I can get to 1000 but have really enjoyed this challenge and being part of the group. Thank you for this.

  11. Fabulous! I love a challenge! This keeps the motivation going. Thanks, Ilona.

  12. I made 99 m in October. Thank you for reminding me to send them in!

  13. I'm now on 995.91 miles.Recently some of them have been done on my exercise bike as the pain after walking has become more intense. I'm back to the rheumatologist next week so I'm hoping to finally have a diagnosis regarding what has made me feel ill and in pain since November 1st 2015; it's now over a year :( I have to say that going out for a walk and getting on my exercise bike has helped to keep me sane. It would have been all too easy to sit in the chair or stay in bed and feel sorry for myself but I'm too pig-headed for that, and I didn't want to gain weight as I thought that would make things worse.
    I was watching a TV programme recently and they were at William Morris' home. Aswell as the ' useful and beautiful' saying that is so well known they mentioned something that he had embroidered on his first piece; the words ' If I can'. That's summed up the last 12 months for me as I've said those words so often ' If I can just get to the next lamp post. If I can just go a bit further today. If I can just walk to my Mum's. If I can just walk home again'. Now I think that ' If I can' cover almost 1000 miles in just over 10 months despite the pain, exhaustion and feeling ill, anybody can!
    My next ' if I can' is ' If I can just get back to running'. I'm not fast but I completed the couch to 5k programme last year and was enjoying going out for a run before illness struck.

  14. well done everyone - Julie T

  15. Wonderful news for you and just the thing to keep others motivated, too!

  16. 256 miles for September and October combined for me please Ilona, I've counted them up now! Thank you,xxxx

  17. Just reading some of these comments makes me think that if you could bear to run the challenge again next year more people might join in and people who started but were unable to continue this year would have another chance.
    I think we would all have to start from 0 miles again to encourage newcomers.
    This could spread and spawn local groups like Gareth Malone's original choirs did. Sue

  18. When your walkers ask what are you going to do next, tell them "You are all invited to come over and paint my house!"