Sunday, 13 November 2016

Thanks for Nothing by Jack Dee. Book review.

Hello. Jack Dee always makes me titter so when I saw this book in the library I thought it would be an interesting read. I love his deadpan look, and his sarcastic observational comedy. It was first published in 2009, and covers his early life of disastrous day jobs, and finishes when he finally makes it as a paid stand up comedian on the comedy circuit. 
Jack talks about many of his unskilled jobs, including working in an artificial leg factory, delivering incontinence pads, waiting at tables and bar work. As I was reading it I could hear his voice in my head. He shares his views on everything, from personal trainers, boutique hotels, to people who hold their cutlery the wrong way. He is a brilliant story teller and made me laugh out loud.
At the back of the book, as usual, is the index page. A typical example of Jack humour, just two words. . You've got to laugh at that, haven't you.

It's a funny book if you like Jack Dee humour. You might like to look at this funny clip from yoootooob

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  1. Gud Eve"ning! Jack Dee is one of only a handful of comedians I would actually pay to go & see live. I fink he is quite brilliant!!

  2. Makes me laugh out loud! LOVE his humour!

  3. He's the best. I have read his book on holiday a couple of years ago and was happily sat on a beach laughing my head off as people passed by. His sitcom is also very funny Lead Balloon. The teenage daughter is just like my own daughter, too funny.

  4. Thanks for this recommendation, I didn't know about his book so have just ordered it from my small local library, he does make me laugh with his dry humour and now the evenings are darker I read far more. Amanda

  5. Loved the youtube clip Illona,-spelling?


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