Sunday 27 November 2016

Recycling Upcycling Queen

Hello, and welcome to Tightwad Towers Recycling Centre. There was a knock at my front door this morning, my friend Bob was on his way to the council dump when he decided to call in here first in case there was something in his car that I could make use of. Most of it was packaging, but I had to rescue a few things. I'm not sure if I actually need them, but I couldn't see them thrown away. I can probably use the two big frames, but the smaller ones might go to the charity shop. 
I do need a small lamp shade, but I these are going to be too big. Probably charity shop. Three cushions. Don't need them myself, but I could take them apart. They have too much stuffing in them, I could make four cushions for the church. My goodness I've got loads to do now, I'm going to be busy trying to keep up with all this recycling upcycling lark.

I made a sign to go on the lamp post on the High Street near to the Village Hall. It's simple, didn't want to spend too much time on it, as it will only be up for six days, then put away till next year.

Two shopping bags made today, with the fabric from one of the beds. They are a slightly darker shade than they are here on the photo.

So, that's what I've been doing on this chilly but dry Sunday. The days are very short now, it's a job to get everything done in reasonable daylight. I've got to go. There's a ginger cat demanding my attention, he wants to snuggle up to me. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. You made great use of it all. I am currently carving a pair of wooden boobs to hang on a Christmas tree... don't ask...:-)

  2. I painted old frames cover with lace beads;whatever, took my fancy I'd paint the whole, done. They looked great.The smaller frames painted the as wells cover with twigs bit of fake evergreen anything that seemed Christmassy then inserted some of my smaller x'stitch projects,they too looked great,sold some for about 75.00$ each.Whatever you do will be wonderful. Have yourself a great day.

  3. I like always having something to keep me busy. Like you, there's no shortage of jobs to be done. We don't have demanding cats but a spoiled dog. (And i wouldn't have it any other way!) Don't forget to come up for air once in awhile!

  4. have your work cut out for you. Glad you see use in the objects that would otherwise tossed out. Your blue bags are lovely. Made from what part of the bed? It's very chilly here in Oregon with wind and rain. Brrrrr!

    1. Hi. The base of a bed is like an empty box, covered with fabric. The fabric is on the top and around the sides, the mattress goes on top of the base.

    2. Thank for the explanation. We have something like that except it's called a box spring...with springs in it and then the mattress sits on top of it. Pro It usually sits on a frame with legs on it. Legs sit on wheels so you can move the bend, in America.
      Cherrio, Becky

  5. I wish I had a neighbour to drop by with throwouts, I get more of a kick from junk than new.
    I would take those shade apart and save the metal rings Ilona, they come in useful for mobiles, wreaths etc.
    I made a mobile with one of those for my Grandson when he was a baby.

  6. Good suggestion to use the metal rings for mobiles and wreaths. I suspend a lot of bits and pieces from my ceiling pendants and this is a good idea that I've not thought of. Natalie

  7. The sign and the bags look great and well done for diverting that stuff from the dump!

  8. Nice selection of bits to keep you busy. The bags are great.
    Hazel c uk

  9. Wonderful! I hate throwing perfectly usable stuff away, so good that you are clever and have time enough to save more things going into landfill. :) xx

  10. The 'fair' sign is great so are the bags.


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