Wednesday 24 July 2019

Art in the Pen at Thirsk.

That's better, I'm more awake now. I've been to North Yorkshire. Sunday I went to Thirsk to visit Art in the Pen, and then on to do two days, hopefully, walking in the beautiful countryside. A perfect combination for a short break. 
The Auction Mart at Thirsk is turned into a big exhibition hall, where all kinds of artist show and sell their wares. They are all hand picked to a high standard, with a wide variety of arts and crafts. Here are photo's of the displays. I chatted to some of the stall holders. People were so nice and friendly.



This wall of old saws got my attention, what a novel idea to make signs with them.  
Old woodworking tools.

Old kettles, and any old bits of metal can be turned into anything arty.

This is Brett, the master craftsman here responsible for all these ideas. He has a
Facebook page.

More glass

Textiles and painting.

I have mentioned Sue Hawkmoon before. She is local to me and I have been to her wet felting workshops. Lovely display as usual. Sue's Facebook page.

Ceramics which look like wood, with a sea theme.

The exhibition closed at 4pm and I was till wandering around looking. Time to leave and find the B & B I have booked for two nights at Kilburn a few miles down the road. I had an hour or so to kill, don't want to get there too early, so I had a look round Thirsk. Photo's of that in the next post.
Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. It looks like you had a lot to see and a lovely time. I know this as the home of James Harriot and npow the series for The Yorkshire Vet.

    1. The photo of me on the sidebar was taken outside a hotel in Thirsk a few years ago. I met my sister, we had a meal there, and had a look round the town as well.

  2. That looks like a lovely day out,just my sort of thing.I would have loved looking at everything,the glass in particular.My house has lots of Tutbury glass,with my late uncle being a glass cutter there.Its about the only thing that is kept clean n shiny in my house,lol.What a lovely start to your break!xx

  3. Ilona, you're a good model for me--you take advantage of all that's around you, appreciate it to the fullest, schmooz with folks and make friends, and then tell all of us about it. Going out and having fun is something I need to do better, and meanwhile I learn from you. Plus get to see lots of England! Sedgwick

    1. Hello. I talk a lot when I'm out and about, can't help myself, a naturally chatty person. I am interested in everything around me, always asking questions. More photo's tomorrow.

  4. P.S. I love watching your creative process and the objets d'art that result from it. Sedgwick

  5. Such a wonderful exhibition, Sue had a wonderful smile. So pleased you had a good time and I expect you had some good ideas.

    Hazel c uk

  6. Replies
    1. Hi Jakes a Girl...Yes I noticed that as well and was impressed.Ive got a feeling that I like it on a television recycle show.It looks great and something I would like to try myself.Only thing is that since Ive learnt to sandpaper my saw,I dont have one that I can do it with!!,xx

  7. We had our annual outdoor art exhibit over 3 days a couple of weeks ago - takes place in the huge square in front of City Hall. And like you, I'm astonished at all the ideas that people come up with to repurpose bits and pieces. There are some very creative and talented people out there. So glad you enjoyed yourself.

  8. I love most reuse crafts the saws are rather good , a laser cutter is an expensive bit of kit

  9. How lovely! I think Thirsk needs to go on my wish list of places to visit looking at all your photos. Love the saws as well. The felt poppies are also beautiful.


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