Friday, 21 January 2022

Easy peasy

My kind of shopping. An empty shop, one other person pushing a trolley around. Arrive at 9.20pm. I got everything I wanted. Through the checkout and out of the door by 10pm. 
Load the shopping into the car. It is already inside two big bags inside the trolley. Drive out of the car park and into the petrol station just down the road. Fill up with petrol. 
Home by 10.15pm. It's 17 days since I last went shopping. This routine suits me fine. Sometimes I can stretch it to 21 days. 

Have a good weekend. Goodnight.  ilona


  1. Looks ideal. I like night shopping too it's a lot less stressful and you're never in anybody's way or having the back of your legs rammed by trollies. I typically go about 9pm. I would not go shopping in the day now unless I needed something urgently.

    1. Only going to Aldi does limit the choice I have. If I want something else I work out the best time to go to avoid people. Shopping at Home Bargains at 7.30pm is not too bad. It's a big shop and I only go about once every two months to stock up on cat food.

  2. I did a bit of grocery shopping on Sat at Safeway. I needed a few things. I was able to find 3-2 ltr bottles of decaf diet soda for Phil. He couldn't find any at a store after going to chili cook off early afternoon. I did it after I got off work and off my feet for a little bit at home. We had sun come out of the fog this morning. 28 degrees F when I woke up. Frozen grass and daughter's car. Less frozen when we left for church. Have a good week!💜 Becky

  3. I cannot remember the last time I shopped in a supermarket.We are still lucky here to have the Food Pantry.£6,enough food to feed a family of 3 for a week,maybe more some weeks.Nothing to do with being poor.The sell by dates are short so its all to do with saving food from landfill.So some gets put in the freezer to use later on in the week.Hubby just goes supermarket,about every 2 weeks and stocks up on cat food.I am sure that a lot of towns do this,so any people reading this,it really is worth looking in to!xx


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