Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Lovely day for a walk.

Another sunny day, I did a ten mile walk. I parked my car at South Ferriby, opposite the church. I am familiar with this area, I have walked here before. The church is set on a hillside overlooking the village, which lies on the south bank of the River Humber. 
I like this wonky tree which is close to the front door of the church. 

It is locked today so I can't go inside. The church is partially hidden by trees, so there isn't a good view of it for a photo. 

I came out of the churchyard by the back gate, and set off down a track. This is part of the Viking Way, a long distance path. The cement works down the hill. You can see the conveyor belt which carried the raw materials from the quarry. It is closed now, I am not sure if it will open again. The views across the river to the North Bank are pretty good from here. 

I followed the Viking Way for a while, and spotted the back of the quarry across the fields. 
Eventually I found a better view of it, and with a bit of zooming I got a half decent  picture. I like the way the terraces are formed as they dig deeper into it. Would make a great amphitheatre. 

I crossed over the main A15 trunk road coming into Barton on Humber. The bridge towers above the housing estate. 

I stopped to have a break at Baysgarth Country Park. A couple of biscuits and a drink was enough. I had filled my face with a cooked breakfast before I came out. I made my way through the town to the waters edge, and turned left along the path to return to South Ferriby. 
Under the bridge I go. 

I will end this post here, and save the sunset photo's for tomorrow. It's 9pm and I want to clock off. I will sleep well tonight. 

Catch ya tomorrow, Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Lovely photos from a nice, safe walk!

    1. Thank you. I do try and pick safe places to walk.

  2. Feeling very honoured ilona. The first part of your walk, past the quarry, was along Middlegate Lane. I lived on Middlegate Lane for almost twenty years, although not the part at South Ferriby. The road stretches from South Ferriby to Melton Ross. I once walked the whole length and back in 24 hours, a distance of nearly twenty miles. I cheated a bit, I did half on the evening of one day, and half on the morning of the next day. Walk a thousand miles per year? No problem, just like you ilona. Even now, at nearly 71.

    1. I have walked extensively in that area. Saxby, Bonby, Worlaby, and Elsham. Wrawby and Barnetby. Carry on walking.


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