Monday, 31 January 2022

Turning a corner

 Good morning. I'll whack this one out quickly, there is something I need to deal with here. Breaking news that the Government are set to scrap the jab mandate for NHS staff and care workers. Apparently all it needs is a signature to do a u turn and scrap the plan. 

Good news eh! Let's hope that happens because to be honest, I will never believe anything they say ever again. They may have finally realised that if they go ahead with the sackings, it would destroy the NHS completely. From their actions over the last two years, I would say that is exactly what they have been working towards.

Boris and Co are an elected Government and are accountable to you and me, and many millions of people living in this country. They were voted in. They are never going to get everything right, but common sense has to play a large part in their law making. 

Boris is torn between a rock and a hard place. He should be listening to the concerns of every citizen in the UK, and not destroy his own country because of the orders coming from the World Economic Forum, and the Great Reset. 

This is not the start of going back to the old normal, we can never do that. Too much damage has been done. Klaus Schwab and his gang are not going to give up that easily. They have invested many years to get to this point. 

Stay alert, watch every movement that the Government makes. First they need to re instate all the workers that they have sacked so far. Then they need to remove completely the threat of people losing their jobs. Getting a jab to keep your job is not about health, it is about control. 

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  1. I am pleased to hear this news today, and a U turn looks likely. It will take a very long time for the NHS to get over the damage done by this Government (added to what's been done historically of course). The understaffing caused by people who have already left and been made to leave. The sheer toil and low morale of those who have literally been fighting for their jobs. It takes its toll. Also the division that such an I'll thought out policy causes.

    I feel that carers shouldn't be forgotten in all this as they've really been done over. Mandates went ahead for them. An already exploited, and grossly underpaid workforce. It was deemed OK by Government to coerce them into something they didn't want or need. Terrible leadership.

    I agree with you, we have to 'stay alert' (remember that Government slogan? How fitting...) to whatever is the next part of the grand plan.

    1. The grand plan is for the long term, and I mean years not months.

  2. I am hopeful but don't believe that this is all over yet; I think the 'climate change' excuse will be next to see if the public accept that as the next lockdown. However, I have hope and have met many people who agree that this was never about a virus - it was something far more sinister: control. Amanda

    1. This might give you a few pointers.

  3. I'm not saying too much yet, waiting for the confirmation.

    1. I don't blame you. The way they twist things around, they are bound to have a few tricks up their sleeves. I would like to think they will honour their promise.

  4. Part of a statement by Mr Javid.

    Mr Javid said everyone working in health and social care has a professional duty to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

    While the Government is seeking to end the legal mandate, he has written to health regulators asking them to urgently review guidance to registrants on vaccinations “to emphasise their professional responsibilities in this area”.

  5. I think it will be a struggle to get care homes up and running again as a lot of unvaxed staff will now have found other employment. Sadly I heard of 3 care homes that are closed down now in Cornwall due to staff shortages. Sad for residents having to move and moves are not good for very elderly vulnerable people. Should never have mandated vaccine for care staff in the first place. Really stupid idea and against human rights.

  6. Rather than start new blog posts on the current situation, I will be adding comments to the existing posts.

    This might be turning a corner in the UK, but the wheels of controlling the world are still in motion.

    JUST IN - Pfizer-BioNTech is expected to request "emergency use authorization" for the COVID vaccine for children 6 months to 5 years old on Tuesday, WaPo reports.
    The emergency is they have to release data on the vaccines in march so if they don’t get the vaccine approved in kids they will be liable for all adverse effects. -facts

    Dr Ryan Cole is a pathologist. Read what he has to say. He sees about 40,000 biopsies a year and is concerned about what the spike protein is doing to the body.

  7. This video is well worth a watch. It is one and a half hours long. Dr Shankarra Chetty is a doctor in South Africa. He has been treating patients with alternative medicines and has had no hospitalisations and no deaths. He talks in great detail about every aspect of the virus, PCR testing, and the jabs. He doesn't hold back, and follows it through to the end game. He says it isn't about a virus, it's about control. I think most of us know that by now. He talks about using fear to make people comply. He says this is a plan which will span several years, decades even. A plan for the Great Reset, and eventually de population. If you watch this you will know exactly what is going on.


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