Thursday 12 September 2019

Sock it to 'em

I should have an announcement later on, the winner of 'guess how many buttons I used to make this heart', competition. In the meantime I think we all need a bit of light hearted entertainment. I follow Grayson Perry on Twitter and he put this on, so blame him. So cute, guaranteed a smile.

Look how enterprising they are, fancy doing a bit of drumming? No drums, no problem, make them.

Back later.  ilona


  1. Brilliant self made entertainment!.I loved how the little singers leg was going in time with the music!Its put a smile on my face!When I was a kid,my music instrument was a thick stick with some cow bells tied to it,that I used to shake around,lol.My Swiss granny had given me the cowbells,she had had them on the mantle piece for years,xx

  2. Wow, they're very, very good and focused too!

  3. Love it! Very talented young men. :-)

    Especially the percussionist. If he has even a small opportunity in music and is able to pursue it when he is older, he could have a terrific career. His instruments are wonderful. Someone put some time and thought into them. Just need a wing nut (or something improvised) to keep the high hat in place.��

  4. Thank you for posting the video - amazing, talented children - they've put a huge grin on my face to start the day with.

    The button heart is really pretty. Will you preserve the cellophane numbers too - it's an artwork in its own right?

    1. Nope, binned the cellophane, I have enough clutter :o)

      The little lads are such darlings aren't they.

  5. Aren't they wonderful Ilona.I think Joules Holland would love them too x


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