Saturday, 7 September 2019

Hooooray it's the weekend.

A change of breakfast this morning. It's the weekend and I fancy something different from the usual porridge, cereals, nuts, seeds and fruit. A thick wedge of seeded bread, beans, a Quorn sausage, an egg, and a vegetable burger from Tesco. these are quite tasty, you get six in a pack for £1. That set me up for the day. 
I still feel like the weekend is different from the weekdays, even though I haven't had to go to work for ten years. Silly really because every day is like a weekend, I am completely free to do what I like.

After breakfast I lounged in the bath for half an hour, sipping my second mug of coffee, it was hot. Very relaxing. I've got a load of washing on the line, and now I'm going to sew some more buttons onto the new art piece. Think I'll find some nice music on yooootoooob to keep me company.

Later I'll go for a walk.. Howz your Saturday going? Is it a day off from the normal routine, do you do something different, or do you enjoy every day, no matter what you are doing?

Toodle pip. ilona


  1. I have walked the dogs as usual and then bathed them,fed them and then went to the local allotment open day.I bought some plants which were very reasonable,a bag of tomatoes and treated myself to tea a slice of beetroot and seed cake x

    1. That sounds like a lovely day Flis and the cake sounds really nice too.xx

  2. I always look forward to the weekends as well.I think its a built in thing from when I was working full time.My weekends vary though to how we are going to spend the time.I always see my Mam..just as I do most days of the week!To day my sister wasnt with us..she likes to go around all the charity shops buying more stuff,where as me and my Mam have said that we are not buying any more...for a while anyway,lol.So we went to a cut price shop where I only bought crisp and reduced chip shop curry sauce powder.I convinced my Mam as we were walking round that she did not need a plastic bottle of stuff for every surface in the house..wooden floor surface cleaner,bathroom cleaner,window get my drift,lol.So she came away with just bleach and washing up liquid.I have told her that I will do the jobs for her to prove thats all she needs...I just need to get round to doing my own first,lol.Then a trip around a different Lidls,2 doors down from the cut price can see just what an exciting life I lead cant you,lol.Then we went back to my Mams,met my sister there and had a cup of tea,some cake and got home about 6 30 pm.Now just going to do Hubbys cobs and sit down,with my lap top...thats if the the cats let me have a small space on the settee,lol...But you know what...I have really enjoyed my self!!.I doesnt take much for me to have a nice time these days!,xx

  3. I now work part-time so that makes the weekend a bit different from when I was fully retired and I enjoy that.
    Today I was up early and headed downtown to my church as we were selling cookies and a lunch of pasta and salad as a fundraiser for both our Out of the Cold feeding program and our Refugee Support Team. We get to tag along with all the excitement during the Toronto International Film Festival as we are located in the middle of it all so that makes it a lot of fun and we made a lot of money so it was well worth it!
    A friend came down to meet me after my shift and we had a nice walk around downtown, visited our favourite book store and had a light lunch. And now I've just watched Bianca Andreescu win the US Open! So all in all a great day!

  4. That's an excellent price for the Tesco veggie burgers! Is it the normal price? We pay $1 for veggie burgers from Dollar Tree and they are good, but you only get two.
    That breakfast looks delicious!

  5. I often eat a breakfast like that for dinner. Yours looks delicious!

  6. I wish I could just do as I please, theoretically, there's no reason why I can't but I feel I can't 'reward' myself with any treats, i.e. crafting, gardening, walking etc. until the daily round of chores is done. It's the way I was brought up and can't seem to break the habit, which means sometimes I never get to do what I want, just what I feel I have to do !!

  7. I know just what you mean. I always feel as though I get a day off when Tony goes to a football match. Daft really when I can pretty much do what I like most days.

  8. I went bramble foraging on my saturday.. great fun.. 2punnets picked and then I stopped.. still loads to ripen, so hopefully will get out next weekend as well.