Saturday, 4 December 2021

Quick look at Gainsborough Old Hall

I've been meaning to do this post all day, but it's funny how jobs mount up when you thought you had nothing much to do. I set the video uploading when I went out to walk Billy dog. Then I got into a chat with a friend on Messenger while I was eating my dinner. Then I watched some videos from my favourite yoootooobers. Andrew Ditton the caravan and motorhome man, David the narrowboat and campervan man, and Adam the car camper man. I commented on them and they replied, and I replied back. So you see I even get held up chatting to people online.  
The trouble is that I have six pages all open at the same time. I'm watching the top bar and getting notifications of anything that is coming in. Now at last I am here writing this. 
A video I made on Thursday. 
It's been a busy day here in the village. It was the Christmas Fair in the Village Hall. I didn't take a stall this time because from previous experience it is usually quite busy, and they squash a lot of stalls in. Too many people too close together for my liking. I know this is the sacrifice I have to make, and I'm ok with that. 
They had carol singing on the village green tonight, when they turned the tree lights on. There was booze and food to buy in the marquee. I didn't go to that either, because it was too cold to stand about. 
I cooked kale, carrots, and potatoes in a pan and added some pasta. It was very nice, there is some left for tomorrow. 
I never really moaned about the cold before, but now I am getting older and my skin is getting thinner, I feel it more. I am longing for the spring to come with some warmer days. 
Enjoy your Sunday. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.   ilona

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