Tuesday, 20 April 2021


I bought the darker colour a few months ago, thinking I might be brave and have a change. Now I am not so sure. Maybe I should stick to the tried and tested blonde, after all it is more of a summer colour. Should I save the warm dark tones for winter? 

I think it will be a spur of the moment decision. They are both sitting on the window sill in the bathroom, The water is switched on and will be hot in an hour. Come back later to see which way it went.
Catch up soon. Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. I'm interested to see if you go with the purple. I had plum hair in my early 20's and loved it. More recently it has just been dark brown. I didn't dye if for 18 months to see if the grey looked like sophisticated highlights. They didn't. I am still mostly brown and it looked more badger. It got died 2 weeks ago.

  2. Blonde for the summer, save the darker for the winter. That's my advice for what it's worth, lol
    Still sticking to our guns here.

  3. Agree with Crafty Cat Corner.

  4. #Blonde llona 💞.. Very nice like Marilyn monroe 😍..LOL GOOD luck meanqueen

  5. I put a blonde hair dye on mine recently and it came out orange lol.im sure if that happens you won't mind too much as you suit light orange anyway Ilona you go for it see what happens lolx

    1. I put a blonde dye on my daughter's hair when she was 16 the night before her prom. It came out orange. Research said an ash brown would neutralise red tones so I was at the shops the next day when they opened. It looked quite nice in the end but wasn't what she wanted and omg it was stressful.

  6. Would the dark colour fade quicker in the Summer sun?

  7. Blondes have more fun....although I have been blonde all my life,and Im still waiting,lol,xx

  8. blonde and if it goes ginger then silver shampoo will tone it down and I speak from experiance!


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