Thursday, 15 April 2021

Spent some money.

Today was a very nice day out in the sunshine. I went to Lincoln and parked on the edge of the town, and walked in. There is free parking on Wragby Road, no restrictions. The Camera shop is on Silver Street, a 20 minute walk away. I have a very old street map.
I took a few snaps on the way. The Cathedral is splendid.  It was exciting to walk about in a different place. I should come here more often. 

Some interesting buildings. This one is part of the college. 

A busker was playing his guitar and singing. 

I did my business in the shop. A nice young man listened to me, brought out several cameras, and explained what they did. I made my choice, and coughed up four hundred quid. 

I came home a different way because I wanted to drop off a donation to Bransby Horses, near Saxilby. It's a charity I support. I was too late to have a look round. Not to worry, I have been here several times before. I posted the cheque into the mail box. Lousy picture, the sun was in the wrong place, and you can clearly see the haze made by the scratched lens. 

Had to stop when I saw this telephone box at a village called Upton. The artificial flower display is delightful. What a good idea. 

I got home at about 7pm. I need to go to Aldi but it will have to wait until tomorrow night. I will unpack my goodies in the morning. A new toy to play with. Excited. 
Now going to chill. Thanks for popping in. Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. Lovely photos Ilona. The phone box is a beautiful idea. Good luck with the camera. x

  2. Your photos are magnificent - the Cathedral is magnificent as are all the buildings in that area. I would love to live in such a beautiful community. Thank you for sharing Ilona. Ranee (MN) USA

  3. It looks like you have had a lovely day.Lincoln looks a lovely place!.I have never actually walked around the town,but just seen the cathedral in the distance,when we have come back from the coast on the bus.I used to love this view when we came back in the dark and you could see it all lit up.Well,I am all excited today,because my bus pass arrived yesterday! Although I drive,my nerves have been terrible over the last few years even if I am a passenger.If there are any idiots on the road,they always seem to aim for me!So today,I am off to a little market town about 10 miles away...for free,lol.I am looking forward to this,far more than I ever did,when we were jumping on planes,years ago and heading off to some place that deep down I really didnt want to go.Although well traveled I used to hate flying as well.To be honest,its a wonder I have ever gotten out of the house,lol.Hope that all goes well with getting your new camera sorted out and thanks for sharing the lovely photos.xx

  4. LCE - great camera shops with a solid reputation. Love the phone box!

  5. Good on you! Treat yourself. That scratch on the lens has been annoying you for ages. I'm sure you did some research before even going to the camera shop. Enjoy it.


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