Friday, 16 April 2021

Zooming brilliant.

Hello. Nice day for a walk, chance to try out the new camera. First a couple of snaps inside my house. Well it had to be Mayze, didn't it. 
This is the new three legged alien, also known as a mini tripod and selfie stick. The legs can be wrapped around something, like a tree, if you want to set the camera up in an awkward place. 
Off down the hill to the woods. 
Leaving the track, through the gate into a field. 
There is a gentle breeze, the wind turbine blades are moving ever so slowly. 
Let's have a closer look. Smashing zoom. 
Now I don't have to creep up on any birds or animals, I can snap them from a distance. That black line is a hose pipe. They are watering the turf. 
Pointing up into the pine trees.
I think I am going to enjoy playing with this new toy.
I'm off to Aldi shortly so I had better say Toodle pip.  Catch ya tomorrow.  ilona


  1. Thats a good zoom on the wind machines. What camera did you buy? I have one of those tri- pod thingies. I have taken some good pics of me and Vince together, by propping it up on a handy litter bin, haha.

    1. Sorry, I should have replied to this last night. I went to Aldi instead. Please see the reply I gave to Sue in Suffolk, below.

  2. Wow, Ilona these pics are so clear. Enjoy playing with and experimenting with your new toy. Sure do appreciate looking at your photos.

  3. Great photos! Glad the new camera I working out and the learning curve isn’t too steep!

    1. Still a lot to learn. I'll get there eventually.

  4. Which camera did you decide on in the end - that zoom is amazingingly clear

    1. I was going to go for a bridge camera, one that does everything, but they are big and bulky and heavy, and expensive. I decided on a Canon Powershot, SX740 HS, with 40x optical zoom. £350. It's slightly bigger and heavier than a compact, but one I can put in a pocket or pouch when I am out and about walking. Only downside is that I can't plug in an external microphone but I have been told a small piece of foam over the internal microphone will do the job of keeping out the wind noise.

      The screen at the back flips up so I can line it up to face me when I am talking to camera. I will see what is being filmed without having to guess or get up and go round the back of it.

      It will take a while to find my way around it. I probably won't be needing all the functions because once I upload to the computer the tweaking starts there.

      This is a hobby for me, I couldn't justify on spending any more on it. In fact it cost the same as my sewing machine, and that is a hobby also.


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